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The Characters. The Battle of the Labyrinth Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Four by Rick Riordan.

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1 The Battle of the Labyrinth Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Four by Rick Riordan

2 The Characters

3 Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon, the god of the Sea and Sally Jackson, a mortal, so he is a half blood. 15 years old Has been expelled from every school he has attended Goes to Camp Half Blood every summer. Black hair, green eyes, good sense of humor, kind. Cares a lot about his friends, his mom, and the fate of Mount Olympus. Owns a sword that can be disguised as a pen called Riptide.

4 Annabeth Chase Daughter of Athena, the goddess of battles and wisdom, and a mortal college professor 15 years old Not very close to her mortal family Interested in architecture Goes to Camp Half Blood every summer Kind, very smart, pretty Blonde hair, gray eyes.

5 Grover Underwood Is a satyr (half boy, half goat)
About 15 in satyr years (satyrs age half as fast as humans) Curly brown hair, hooves Emotional, kind, cares a lot about the wild Life goal is to find Pan, the god of the wild Has a girlfriend named Juniper, who is a tree nymph

6 The Gods and Goddesses The Big Three:
Zeus- god of the sky, the god in charge of Olympus, father of Thalia Poseidon- god of the sea, Percy and Tyson’s dad. Hades- god of the Underworld, Nico’s dad. Banished from Mount Olympus by Zeus. Other Gods: Hera- goddess of heaven, Zeus’s wife. Dionysus- god of wine, in charge of Camp Half Blood. Hermes- god of messengers and thieves, Luke’s dad.

7 Other Characters Tyson Percy’s half brother Cyclops Chiron
Activities director at Camp Half-Blood Centaur Rachel Elizabeth Dare Mortal, but can see mythological things Nico Half- blood Son of Hades Daedalus Creator of the Labyrinth Living in the immortal body he made, goes by name of Quintus.

8 Other Characters (cont.)
Monsters working for Kronos Empousas Kampe Kronos The evil father of the gods that was banished into Tatarus Is gaining power again Luke Demigod (son of Hermes) Joined Kronos

9 Favorite Character- Percy Jackson
More about Percy: Cares a lot about his mother and that she is happy. Occasionally feels abandoned by his father. Why he is my Favorite Character: He has a good personality- funny, kind, friendly, smart, and generous. He is easy to relate to. He is courageous and hopeful.

10 The Settings The Labyrinth- A dark maze that spreads everywhere under the U.S.A. It purposely fools anyone inside so that many never make it out and go crazy. Camp Half Blood- A large summer camp where it never rains for demigods to train. There is a lake, a large dining pavilion, and 12 cabins dedicated to the 12 main gods. Calypso’s Island- An island where demigods are occasionally stranded. Calypso was banished there because her father was Atlas, a very bad god.

11 The Summary- Page 1 When Percy arrives at his high school orientation, he is attacked by vampires and meets up again with the mortal Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Annabeth comes and takes Percy to camp, where they attend a hearing where Grover is told he has a week to find Pan, the god of nature, and then he no longer has permission to be a searcher. Annabeth, Percy, Grover, and Tyson go into the Labyrinth to find a way to navigate it before Kronos and Luke. Grover hopes to find Pan. There is a Labyrinth entrance inside the camp, so Kronos would be able to get in.

12 The Summary- Page 2 When they see Nico, who blames Percy for his sister’s death, Nico speaks to his sister in ghost form and learns that her death was not Percy’s death. He forgives Percy and joins forces with them. Percy becomes stranded on Calypso’s island, and everyone thinks he is dead. Calypso is the daughter of an evil god, so she must live there. Percy returns to camp, where everyone thinks he has died. Percy realizes that the best way to navigate to navigate the Labyrinth is using the guide of a mortal. Tyson and Grover are still looking for Pan in the maze, Rachel (the mortal), Annabeth, and Percy delve back into the Labyrinth.

13 The Summary- Page 3 When the three of them finally find Daedalus, they learn that he has been living inside various immortal bodies to avoid the eternal torture of the Underworld because of the murders of his son and nephew he committed. Unfortunately, Daedalus already agreed to help Kronos. Percy finds the coffin Kronos has is being rebuilt in. When he opens it, he finds that Kronos has taken over Luke’s body. Percy barely escapes. Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel find Tyson and Grover, who have found Pan. Pan says he is dying and that the five of them must carry the message to save the wild and that Pan is dead.

14 The Summary- Page 4 Percy and his fellow campers go back to camp, and Rachel goes back home. There is a battle in the camp between the campers and Kronos’s monsters. Daedalus dies. The only thing that saves Camp Half Blood is a scream uttered by Grover, which drives the monsters back into the Labyrinth. The Council in charge of satyrs decides that Grover had been given that cry by Pan. He is allowed to have his searcher’s license again. Kronos has not yet been defeated. However, because Daedalus died, the Labyrinth is destroyed. At Percy’s small birthday party at his house after the end of the summer, Nico shows up, saying he has a way to beat Luke….

15 Changing the Ending I would not change the ending of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is because I think it leaves you hanging and anxious for the next book. Also, it gives you hope that there is a way to defeat Kronos.

16 The Message There were several messages that I got out of this book:
Courage- even though Percy was afraid to do things like open Kronos’s coffin, he did because he knew it was important. Respect Nature- Pan told Percy and his friends that it was very important to preserve the wild. Never Give Up!- Even when Percy wanted to stop trying, he never gave up.

17 Recommendations I would definitely recommend this book to someone because: It is hilarious! It is packed with action! Overall, it is lighthearted. There is mystery, cliffhangers, and lots of excitement.

18 The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan
The Adventurous, Humorous, Action-Packed Tale of Percy Jackson, a son of the god Poseidon You’ll never want to put it down! Continues the thrilling tale of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Full of cliffhangers and humor Plus, you’ll learn about Greek gods and myths

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