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The Last Olympian Welcome to the Lobby

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1 The Last Olympian Welcome to the Lobby
Visit the Curator Room One Room Two Room Three Room Four Museum Entrance Welcome to the Lobby

2 Victoria Mendiola Hey!!! M-Kay , I’m Victoria. My Family is my life <3 They are the only people to know the real me. If you don’t know, I’m the most clumsiest / biggest dork on the planet. You can tell that I’m a dork with the picture over there  I am respectful to others if they respectful back. I am extremely nice and I love to laugh! :D Well to just some it up, I-am-the-most-awesomest-person-to-live-on-this-earth(: Back to Lobby Note: Virtual museums were first introduced by educators at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. This template was designed by Lindsey Warneka under the direction of Dr. Christy Keeler during a Teaching American History grant module. View the Educational Virtual Museums website for more information on this instructional technique.

3 Room 1 Back to Lobby

4 Room 2 Back to Lobby 4

5 Room 3 Back to Lobby 5

6 Room 4 Back to Lobby 6

7 The Last Olympian By Rick Riordan
This is a great book for teens who like that “edge of your seat” feeling when you start to read the book. It’s got loads of action and it teaches the reader about what the Ancient Greeks believe in. It is perfectly paced and keeps the reader wanting more. The author, Rick Riordan, knew what he was doing, and did his job well. Overall, it is a book even the critics would recommend. Back to Lobby

8 Main Character: Percy Jackson
Percy is the son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon, the god of the sea. He’s 16 years old. Has dark brown hair, but blue as the sea, eyes. He is a demi-god and like most demi-gods he has ADHD and dyslexia. He first found out he was a demi-god when he was thirteen years old. He’s loyal to a fault and like all good leaders he knows when to lead and when to follow. When he’s in action he trusts his gut and his instincts. Over-all he brave, smart, trustworthy, passionate, and the best friend you could ever have. Back to Room 1

9 Main Conflict: Battle of Manhattan
Titans going through the cities. In and out of the allies, the sewers buildings, etc. All trying to fight the gods. Half-bloods fighting other half-bloods. Its just, every where through-out the city is war, killing, and more war. Back to Room 1

10 Setting: Manhattan The setting of this book is mostly taken place in Manhattan. From places like Olympus to just the streets, to inside hotel lobbies and room and etc. But the book is also taken place out in the sea, on a boat in the beginning. Shortly after, the story moves from the sea to the next place which is Camp Half-Blood. And finally back to Manhattan. Back to Room 1

11 Supporting Character: Annabeth Chase
Annabeth is the daughter of Frederick Chase and Athena, goddess wisdom and war strategy. She has of brown hair, also has ocean blue eyes. Since she is also a demi-god, she also has ADHD and dyslexia. She found out she was a demi-god at age five. Because of family reasons, she has spent most of her life Camp Half-Blood. Being the daughter of the goddess of War Strategy. she is totally ready for war. Back to Room 2

12 Complication: Luke is Back…
When Percy was only thirteen-years-old. He thought he got rid of Luke, the spy in Camp Half-Blood at the time. But little did he know, Luke had survived their battle and was coming back for revenge. Revenge against Percy in particular for one, ruining his plan against the gods, and taking his “girl”, Annabeth. Which just made things more complicated for the demi-gods. Back to Room 2

13 Drachmas Vocabulary Word:
A cupronickel coin and monetary unit of modern Greece, equal to 100 lepta “I’d never seen before, and she looked like a million gold drachmas” Page 2 Drachmas Back to Room 2

14 Complication: The Journey To Preparing For Battle With The Titans
While the others at Camp Half-Blood still prepare for battle, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia are in search of more last minute demi-gods. Why you may ask? Because they just found out that Luke is creating another army along with the Titans, full of betrayed demi-gods. In a short amount of days they finally have their army put together and are soon ready to fight. Back to Room 3

15 Harpy Vocabulary Word:
A ravenous monster, filthy monster who has a head of a woman and a birds body. “The explosion took out a whole legion of Kronos evilmearies as soon as the first harpy went flush” Page 5 Vocabulary Word: Harpy Back to Room 3

16 “Because hope survives best at the hearth” Page 308
This quote is significant to me because it is so true. Hope’s strength is the strongest at your weakest (: Significant Quote: “Because hope survives best at the hearth” Page 308 Back to Room 3

17 Phalanx Vocabulary Word:
A group of people or things of a similar type forming a compact body or brought together for a common purpose “An entire phalanx of dracaenas' marched in the lead, their shields locked together, spear-tips bristling over the top.” Page 192 Vocabulary Word: Phalanx Back to Room 4

18 The demi-gods finally go to war with the Titans and the betraying against their kind, demi-gods. The war is taken pace throughout the entire Manhattan area. Half way through the battle, most of the half-bloods were thinking that they should give up and be defeated, letting the Titans get there way and destroy Mount Olympus, but Percy Jackson didn’t think they should. He remembered there was two rivers surrounding Manhattan, using his demi-god ability, he asked the two rivers nicely if they could help them weaken the titans. The two rivers agreed and attacked the Titans which did weaken them. Giving the half-bloods hope in the end they eventually defeated the Titans and the betrayed demi-gods… Climax Back to Room 4

19 All in all the war against the Titans ended as the half-bloods finally defeated Kronos. Many loved campers were killed during the battle. Eventually Zeus passed the law for the gods to, after many years, be able to see their children, with the help of Percy Jackson of-course. In the end when Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Chiron, and all the other people associated with Camp Half-Blood thought everything will be okay and they’ll be safe, they are told a new prophecy of a entire new quest to be fulfilled… Epiphany / Resolution Back to Room 4

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