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The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan Chapter 7 and 8

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1 The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan Chapter 7 and 8
“ My Dinner Goes Up in Smoke” “We capture a Flag” Presentation by Kathrina piper and Andrew Kane Block A3

2 Plot The Sequence of Events
Percy gets to the haft-blood camp and meets Annabeth and Luke his counselor. Percy learns that Annabeth was related to Athena And tries to learn who his father is in part of the dinner sacrifice to the gods

3 Plot continued Percy was only good at canoeing and sword fighting
There was a fighting in the woods with teams of Zeus and Poseidon Percy was not good at any sports he tried them all out and sucked at all of them except sword fighting and canoeing The trainer for sword fighting taught him a new trick know one could ever do and he did that trick to the trainer and he was amazed

4 Conflict a struggle between opposing forces
internal in chapter 7 Percy feels like he doesn’t belong at camp haft-blood Internal in chapter 8 -Percy does not fit in any sport and is left out External in chapter 7 Clarisse and Percy both hate each other External in chapter 8 -Percy is the best on the sword fighting team and loves it

5 Settings when and were a story takes place
Chapter 7 takes place at camp half-blood in a dining hall Chapter 8 takes place at the half-blood and in a field where they start trying to capture the flag

6 Charters the people in the story
Protagonist(s) charters who work for the good of the story Percy Jackson -Luke Annabeth - Zeus Poseidon -Grover Chiron Antagonist charters who work against protagonists Clarisse Hades

7 Mythological Allusion
Athena is a goddess of wisdom and war. Athena is Annabeth mother, and annabeth has only seen her once when her and a few of her friends went to Olympus

8 Mythological Allusions Continued
Zeus was the god of thunderstorms Poseidon was the god of the sea and all sea creatures Zeus was one of the teams for capture the flag and Poseidon was the other

9 Mythological Allusions Continued
Ares was the god of war In chapter 8 Ares has kids that are strong and in chapter 7 he is mentioned my Luke

10 Review Questions What camp does Percy go to ?
What game do the campers play? Who Percy's counselor ? What is Percy good at? What type of camp does Percy go to?

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