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By Rick Riordan Published by Scholastic inc. Copy right 2004 Genre: Mythology By Christian Palmer.

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2 By Rick Riordan Published by Scholastic inc. Copy right 2004 Genre: Mythology By Christian Palmer

3 Rick Riordan is the author of the book Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. Rick Riordan was born June 5, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. Jason and Brianna are Rick’s parents. Brianna was a musician and an artist. Jason was a ceramicist. As a child, Rick Riordan got into Greek, Norse Mythology, Fantasy, Science fiction and Mystery stories. Rick Riordan still lives in San Antonio, Texas with a wife and two children, Haley and Patrick. He has one dog (a Golden Labrador mix) and two black cats. Rick has won five awards. They are the Edgar, Anthony, Shamash, Mark Twain and Rebecca awards. Rick became an author after his son Haley was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. He started telling Haley bedtime stories. Haley wanted to hear Greek myths and since Rick had been a middle school mythology teacher, Rick new a lot of stories. After some time his son got tired of hearing the same old stories time and time again. So, Haley asked his dad to take the Greek myths and add characters to them. That is how Percy Jackson was started. Rick eventually had his stories published. (Author does not have his own website)


5 The main theme of this book is that friends stick together and can accomplish many things. They fought Medusa and the Furies together. When they were all on a bus, Annabeth gave Percy her hat (makes people invisible) so he could sneak away. Percy stayed and he fought the Furies with them. When Grover was going to fall into a pit with a monster, Percy and Annabeth gave it their all to save him. Grover helped AnnaBeth and Percy with their dyslexia by reading signs that they had trouble reading on their journey.

6 This book is about a boy named Percy who is the son of Poseidon. Percy has to go to the underworld to find Zeus’s master lightning bolt that they thought Hades had stolen. Percy takes two friends with him, Annabeth and Grover. Once they get to the underworld, they find out Hades didn’t steal the lightning bolt. Hades attacks them and as they were running away, the bag that Ares had given them for the trip got heavier. Percy checks in the bag and finds the master bolt was in there. Percy had it all along! They got away by using magic and figured out Ares was bad and had a battle. Percy won and delivered the master bolt to Zeus.

7 The problem of the story is that Percy has to get back the master lightning bolt that someone has stolen. The solution of the story is Percy had to fight the bad guys to keep the bolt and gave it back to Zeus.

8 The setting takes place in many U.S. states and the underworld. Percy travels to many states with his friends trying to find the lightning bolt. The point of view of the story is in the first person. Percy is telling the story.

9 Percy is a twelve year old brave boy who is the son of Poseidon. He has the power to control water and has dyslexia. Annabeth is a friend of Percy and the daughter of the God Athena. She has a magical hat that can turn her invisible and she has dyslexia too. Grover is a satyr (half boy half goat), whose job is to guard sons and daughters of the gods. He has flying shoes and wears a disguise to look more like a boy. Grover is also Percy’s friend. Chiron is a centaur (half man half horse), and is also a friend. He is one of the leaders of Camp Half-Blood. In the real world he disguises himself as a paralyzed Latin teacher. Ares is a bad guy who is the God of War and an enemy of Percy. Hades is also a bad guy and ruler of the underworld.

10 What kind of student is Percy Jackson and what troubles does he have in school? What things does Percy like to do at Camp Half-Blood? What does Grover have to say to use his flying shoes? What magic items would you like to have? What is Ares god of? What do you think he would do with the lightning bolt if he hadn’t given it to Percy? What is Mrs. Dots’ in the real world and in the mythical world? Luke has two swords. What metals make them up and what is different about them? What God and Goddess would you like your parents to be and why? How do you think Percy felt when they thought he stole the lightning bolt? Do you think the boys and girls liked living at Camp Half-Blood and how would you like to live away from your family? How could you help a friend that has dyslexia?

11 Book Suggestions: The Last Olympian The Battle of the Labyrinth The Titan’s Curse The Sea of Monsters By: Christian Palmer

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