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The Imaginary Lines Around the Earth

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1 The Imaginary Lines Around the Earth
Latitude, Longitude, Time Zones, Tropics and Climate Zones. K. Shadle

2 What are all of those lines?
There are many imaginary lines that circle the earth, but what are they are why are they there? Latitude Longitude Time Zones Climate Zones The Tropics The Arctic and Antarctic Circles

3 Latitude Lines of LATITUDE run around the earth parallel to the equator. The equator is 0 degrees Lines of latitude are measure from 0-90 degrees North and 0-90 degrees South The equator is the LONGEST line of latitude

4 Longitude Lines of LONGITUDE run from the North Pole to the South Pole
Also called meridians. They are measured in degrees East and degrees West. 0 degrees is found in Greenwich, England. This line is also called the Prime Meridian

5 Time Zones Longitude is used to help determine Time Zones. The line that runs through the Bering Strait is the International Dateline. There are 24 time zones because there are 24 hours in a day.

6 Example Buenos Aires is west of London, and they are separated by 4 time zones. This means that when it is noon in Buenos Aires it is 4 pm in London. When it is noon in London it is 8 am in Buenos Aires.


8 Tropics and Climate Zones

9 The Arctic and Antarctic Circles

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