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Latitude and Longitude Notes

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1 Latitude and Longitude Notes


3 Lines of Latitude Measure distances North and South from the Equator (the higher the latitude, the further from the equator) Run East and West The Equator is the largest line of latitude (decrease in size as they near the poles) Called “parallels” because they never touch

4 Lines of Longitude Measure distances East and West from the Prime Meridian “prime” means starting point “meridian” means middle because every line of longitude divides the earth in ½ Run North and South

5 Lines of Longitude (cont.)
Touch at the North and South Poles The Prime Meridian is also called the Greenwich Meridian because it passes through Greenwich, England (near London) The International Date Line is located directly across from the Prime Meridian

6 Greenwich Observatory

7 The Prime Meridian

8 Important Measurements
Equator = 0° North Pole = 90º N South Pole = 90º S Prime Meridian = 0º International Date Line = 180º

9 Important Measurements (cont.)
Tropic of Cancer = 23.5º N Tropic of Capricorn = 23.5º S Arctic Circle = 66.5º N Antarctic Circle = 66.5º S

10 Practice Name the measurements of… Equator Tropic of Cancer South Pole
Prime Meridian International Date Line

11 Practice Lines of latitude measure how far ______ and ______ a place is from the ______. Lines of longitude measure how far ______ and _____ a place is from the _________.

12 More Practice Lines of _____ are all the same size.
Lines of _____ are also called parallels. Lines of longitude touch at the ____ and ______.

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