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Fidelity PMS Solutions

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1 Fidelity PMS Solutions
Functionality powerful & integrated hotel management software

2 About Fidelity PMS Software
Fidelity Hotel Management System is a full featured Hotel Property Management Solution for single or multiple hotel properties.   Highly integrated with more than 300 hotel subsystems (accounting systems, doorlocking, video systems, energy management, gds/ids interface, yield management,…) 300 hotel subsystems Fully configurable, modular and scalable system which is tailored for various aspects of hotel property management (front office, F&B, wellness, banquet, online booking, guest loyalty,..) Database-Supportedeport Design

3 Fidelity to Hospitality – since 1998
Why Fidelity MAiS Team? Fidelity to Hospitality – since 1998 Highly specialised, experienced team of hotel management consultants and IT specialists. Responsive first-class support (24/7). We consider our clients to be our partners (client-oriented philosophy). History of success. Outstanding product portfolio.

4 Fidelity product solution portfolio
Hotel PMS Hotel Management System WebRes booking & Channel Management System Leisure & Wellness Management System Medical Management System Banquet & Event Management System Restaurant Management System Guest Loyalty Management System

5 Fidelity flagship product - Fidelity PMS
 Used by independent hotels, hotel chains, hotel resorts, spa and health resorts, conference and wellness hotels. Effective support for hotel business management covering sales office with allotments, reservations office, cashier, housekeeping, reporting, back office, etc.

6 Fidelity flagship product - Fidelity PMS
Highlights  Powerful hotel resort feature Supporting unlimited room types, rate packages. Multicurrency accounting system Enabling multilingual use of your hotel staff (In one installation one user can use the system in English, the other user can use in Chinese) No down-time night audit Database-supported report design Fast access to data via in-context business intelligence. Powerful reporting capability, and much more…

7 Competitive advantages of Fidelity
Fidelity solutions are designed from the effective hospitality management standpoint.(Best business practice and knowledge built-in products). Complete integration of different hotel departments with live two-way communication between module programs, such as package reservations, guest profile, guest history, guest loyalty status…. Numerous powerful product features. Fully integrated hospitality solution "Fidelity”, high level of integration (comprehensive interface options). Highest standards of performance, reliability & security.

8 Fidelity Strength - flexibility
Feature flexibility Database and development technology allows features to adapt to each country’s government requirements including pricing adoption. User-definability User-definability enables the system to be customized to any hotel environment and size (user-definable fields, reports, language, night audit,…) Deployment flexibility On-premise deployment or SaaS deplyoment Scalability & Modularity Easy upgrade to multi-property or adding new modules as your business grows (wellness, banquet,…)

9 Fidelity Strength – intelligent interactive PMS system
Integrated software program that runs off a single or multi-database enabling various hotel departments to automatically share information, communicate with each other and interact in real-time. Based on hotel business intelligence. Second to none: dynamic two-way communication/ interaction between software programs: front office,wellness,banquet,F&B, loyalty program,.. enabling comprehensive & centralised hotel business management

10 Walk-in guests book online for a better price or last available room
Walk-in guests book online for a better price or last available room? Break free from … Create your own price policy & have a complete control over your room rates on all sales channels– break free from your dependance on third-parties Enable last available room sale in real-time – break free from keeping additional rooms for possible bookings Sell on multiple online channels whilst using one tool to manage your inventory - Break free from administration & distribution costs Work with real-time availability display, synchronized data & availability – break free from costly overbooking

11 Fidelity WebRes Online Booking: booking engine & channel management system
Connect with the leading distribution channels & enable online bookings on your own website. Sell on multiple online channels but manage them from one place. Single live inventory & instant synchronization across channels. Enables last available room sale in real-time with no risk of overbooking  Make your complete booking options available online, for example child rates or special banquet / wellness packages.  Accept bookings 24/7 from multiple channels directly to your PMS system.

12 Channel management system
With the Fidelity Channel Manager Interface you can automatically send your availabilities and prices directly to the Channel Manager and, because this is a two-way interface, import bookings from internet booking engines like directly into Fidelity PMS Connect your rentable units to more than 30 internet booking engines & global distribution systems.

13 Fidelity Banquet & Event Management System: incl
Fidelity Banquet & Event Management System: incl. web booking engine for event planners Booking management  Event space scheduling Planning & capacity optimization Labor scheduling (work order) & Task management Real time task monitoring system Human resource management Equipment & inventory management Event registration management  Online event registration Customer relationship management Accommodation management Attendee registration tracking PMS integration and data interfaces Customizable reporting

14 Fidelity Wellness & Leisure Management System: supporting unique needs of spa resort property
Create & manage complex stays & vacation packages!  One guest profile that serves both Fidelity Property Management and Fidelity Leisure. Create & sell numerous packages and offers online, combining hotel services with wellness services or on-site activities. Online bookings are made and transferred automatically in real time to Fidelity PMS and Fidelity Leisure with an order of specific activity included in the package to be carried out. With PAY-TV integration, your resort guests are, during their stay, noted on every scheduled on- site activity or spa treatment on TV screen in their hotel room. 

15 Fidelity Medical Management System: supporting unique needs of health-medical resort property
Simplified management of demanding process of patient's treatment or rehabilitation and medical service accounting.  Manage records with complete details of patient's treatment along with treatment scheduling (physiotherapy treatment, acupuncture, etc.) Enable better work organisation: occupancy rate & staff planning, accelerated communication among departments and employees. With Fidelity PMS integration, the solution provides effective accommodation management of your patients/clients.

16 Fidelity Restaurant Management System: developed specially for hotel/resort restaurants, cafeteria, luxury dining… Cash operations with integrated stock management (verification of stocks at any moment, evaluations of stock according to various methods,…) A wide variety of touch-screen terminals & handheld wireless terminals Different cash-POS terminals with a wide variety of peripheral devices Thoughtfully developed system of interfaces for the integration of different software packages (PMS, wellness, banquet, medical, loyalty)

17 Guest Loyalty Management System: dynamic real-time loyalty & promotion at every point of sale
strategies for points-based and guest recognition-based programs acquiring important guest information & their buying habits - it includes mechanisms to incorporate powerful incentives and reward features that motivate and reward loyal guests (bonuses, double points, rewards). loyalty system open to connect with other partner programs, outside the company, enabling inter-branch connections, for example managing loyalty cards on a destination basis

18 What do you gain from Fidelity?
Diferentiation from competition establish a high level of service for increasingly demanding guests, increase of guest loyalty Help in making crucial management decisions anticipating leisure demand and hotel occupancy patterns (yield management) Higher business turnover/profit Increase sales, lower your costs Integrated online booking, channel management system better use of your resources for the benefit of the guest and cost reduction Completely integrated system enabling centralised hotel management system Succesful & prosper hotel business over the long term

19 Services What we do for you System designing & project management
Designing new systems of hotel business informatization Implementation & maintenance Project implementation in cooperation with the client Hospitality consulting Know-how and rich experience Curriculum licenses Fidelity as a learning tool in hotel management schools Training & workshops Special programs adapted to user’s range of activities (receptionist, marketer, organizer, management,..) 24/7 live on-line support- First or second-level support

20 Fidelity to Hospitality – since 1998
References Fidelity to Hospitality – since 1998 A history of successful international installations (From Germany to Bangladesh,…) Long-term cooperation with satisfied customers (over 10 years of cooperation) Implemented in curriculum of hotel management schools worldwide (promoting best business practices) Award winning product (Best e-project 2009 in Slovenia, product’s proven business benefit)

21 Fidelity references multi-solution installations text
 Debeli rtič Youth Health Resort Union hotels & conference centre Union Hotels, Slovenia   High-quality hotels which incorporate the 4*Grand Hotel Union, Grand Hotel Union Business, Hotel Lev and Central Hotel. Union Hotels Ljubljana offer a total of 574 hotel rooms and 29 meeting rooms Solution: Fidelity PMS, Fidelity RMS, Fidelity Banquet & Event Thermana spa health resort Thermana - one of the most sophisticated spa & wellness centre in Slovenia. Thermana multi-property encompasses of three modern hotels, sophisticated spas & wellness centers, medical and rehabilitation center, modern public baths, convention center with seven modern congress halls and meeting rooms and three outstanding hotel restaurants Fidelity PMS, Fidelity WebRes, Fidelity RMS, Fidelity Wellness & Leisure, Fidelity Medical, Fidelity Banquet & Event, Guest Loyalty Module. text Debeli Rtič, Slovenia This holiday centre consists of 3 hotel bulidings (Hotel Bor, Hotel Arija and Youth Centre). It features a health and wellness centre with a medical and psyhiotherapy treatment, business centre and offers experience and animation programs for young and elderly in their vast offer. .  Solution: Fidelity PMS, Fidelity RMS, Fidelity Wellness & Leisure, Fidelity Medical Management System, Fidelity Banquet & Event

22 Fidelity references one solution installations text
Neuschwanstein Hotels Käfer Oktoberfest Tavern Käfer Wies’n Schänke – Käfer Oktoberfest Tavern.Originally with a humble 40 seats, their hall now seats a total of 3,000 guests: 1,164 in Käfer Wies‘n-Schänke, 200 in the covered outdoor Freisitz and up to 1,900 in the garden. Solution: Fidelity RMS Newton Hotel School Newton International Limited, Newton Hotel School Bangladesh. Their mission is to provide workplace skills training of a global standard using internationally recognized learning systems.  Solution: Fidelity PMS text Hotels Around Castle Neuschwanstein, high in the Bavarian Alps, live up to their fairytale reputation.  Neuschwainstein hotels include: Schlosshotel Lisl, Villa Jägerhaus, Hotel Schwangauer Hof, Hotel Garni Schlossblick Solution: Fidelity PMS

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