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__________________________________HDPL Believes in …_____________________________ Monitor - your company from anywhere in the world View - instant reports.

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1 __________________________________HDPL Believes in …_____________________________ Monitor - your company from anywhere in the world View - instant reports of every step of production Know - the true causes of delays Maximize - the production efficiency of your factory Monitor View Know Maximize HDPL has been offering Manufacturing Software and ERP Software systems for repetitive, process and discrete manufacturing industries since last 10 years. Today, Shakthi Innovators provides leading real-time ERP, manufacturing, production monitoring, quality control, supply chain, CRM and eBusiness solutions to the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods and other manufacturing markets. The innovative, end-to end ERP software solution, offers complete functionality and scalable solutions without costly third-party requirements. With solutions across India, Srilanka, Bangladesh. Shakthi Innovators manufacturing Streamline ERP software keeps manufacturers lean, competitive and profitable in eight languages at manufacturing companies around the world.

2 Under these circumstances, companies are struggling to get value from their current ERP solutions, mainly due to the existence of a gap between key business requirements and ERP capabilities. That gap can be particularly wide with traditional ERP, especially as a business processes change as the organisat On the other hand, ERP solutions are in the early stages of major changes at all levels, morphing into something which now places higher importance on the In today's dynamic markets are very demanding and in many business seamless operations to achieve higher, responsiveness and capacity to stay in control to demonstrate the adoption of the right solution for today and the future are crucial. user experience, provides better decision making in real time with embedded analytics, as well as being mobile and cloud-based, as key drivers of future ERP change. Enhanced Product Quality Increased Efficiency Improved Visibility On-time Delivery Reduced Costs ion itself grows and evolves. This is in fact preventing a lot of companies from successfully implementing very specific competitive advantages that require highly flexible and easy to adapt solutions ____ERP BENEFITS_____________________________________________________________________ ________________________ ERP IN TODAYS BUSINESS WORLD _________________________ Improved Collaboration

3 HDPL We Have the KEY !!!!... Streamline ERP

4 Question : ‘ Y ’ Streamline ERP for your Business ? Designed Streamline ERP has been designed to manage complex manufacturing industries. Integrated Streamline ERP is a fully integrated end to end business control system. Configurable Streamline ERP is easily configurable to fit your specific business needs. Shakthi Innovators have Streamline ERP which equips today's business managers with the relevant information and alerts that helps them make effective timely decisions to keep their operations running smoothly.

5 Affordable Streamline ERP is an affordable ERP solution that is also easy to implement. Our customers are able to reap the benefits of investing in our ERP system within months of operation. Opportunity Streamline ERP helps mid-tier organizations compete with much larger companies by improving speed of day to day business processes and making crisis situations to become rare. Customization Streamline ERP is built in a modular fashion where each part can be configured to the requirement of the organization. Accessibility Streamline ERP helps to easily cater to growing organizations that serve diverse markets with new product lines. Empowers Streamline ERP empowers the enterprise by serving as a digital nervous system connecting all the parts of an organization.

6 HDPL- STREAMLINE ERP – SOLUTIONS Quality Control l 1. Order Planning 7. Production Planning and Scheduling 2. Quality Control 8. Barcode – Bundle Tracking & Production Reports 3. Budgeting 9. Profit/Loss & Cost Control 4. Supply Chain Management 10. Supplier Shipment Control 5. Materials Management – Demand Planning Export Documentation 11. Report Generator-Tool for customizing reports 6. Stores Management 12. Export Documentation STREAMLINE ERP SOLUTIONS

7 STEAMLINE - ERP Supports Growth Process standardisation Continuous Service improvement Reduce Cost Process Automation Simplifies Legal & Compliance Performance Management Increase Productivity STREAMLINE – ERP : BENEFITS

8 Allows effective and efficient management of system Achieves standardized and optimized operational management processes across multiple offices Greater control over cost and budget and allows efficient project management Provides real time management reports across all segments Provides better control over legal and compliance Allows effective collaboration and communication Enables service scalability to support organizational growth Improves Data security and enables efficient data handling Removes redundancy of property data and information and provides single version of truth STREAMLINE – ERP : ADVANTAGES

9 _______________ Streamline ERP - Complete Integration _________________


11 Streamline ERP Specially Designed Business Software To handle day to day business transactions. To give more value to time. Easy flow of database Easy / Any where to access Our Mantra …

12 SPAN VENTURE SEZ, EMBASSY TECH ZONE, G1, POLLACHI MAN ROAD, EACHANARI, COIMBATORE – 641021 TAMILNADU, INDIA. PH – 0422 – 6591891. Phone : 91-0422-6591891. Email : Email : (For Support) Email : (For Sales)

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