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Chapter 14, Section 3 “Reforming American Society”

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1 Chapter 14, Section 3 “Reforming American Society”
Main Idea – In the mid-1800s, several reform movements worked to improve American education and society.

2 A Second Great Awakening
Teaching at Revivals Revivals Effect on Reform Americans should improve themselves and their society, and they should help others Americans began to believe they could act to make things better; religion became important to many Americans again

3 Temperance a campaign to stop people from consuming alcohol
many male workers would spend much of their paychecks on drinking women and business owners supported this movement

4 Workers’ Rights workers organized into unions and used strikes to gain better working conditions, better hours and higher wages

5 Education Horace Mann worked to improve public education New schools and colleges offered some limited opportunities for women and African Americans

6 Care for the Needy Improvements in caring for the mentally ill and building of new hospitals nation-wide Schools are created for the deaf and blind Conditions in jails were improved (separating children and adults; rehabilitating prisoners)

7 Aimed to create a “utopia” – a perfect world
Ideal Communities Aimed to create a “utopia” – a perfect world People were given food and other necessities for living in exchange for work None were very successful

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