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Chapter 12 An Age of Reform

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1 Chapter 12 An Age of Reform
How did reformers and writer inspire change and spark controversy? Chapter 12 An Age of Reform

2 Utopian Communities Utopian communities is the desire to create a perfect society. New Harmony, Indiana

3 Temperance Movement Effort to end or reduce end alcohol abuse and the problems created by it. Women where often drawn to this movement. Why? Temperance: or moderation in drinking. Prohibition: a total ban on alcohol.

4 Prison Reform & Mental Health
Dorothea Dix was a reformer that tried to make prisons more human. Page 417 Dix encourages Massachusetts to take mentally ill out of prison and put into Hospital to receive help. This would provide treatment not punishment.

5 Education Reform Massachusetts first state to require public schools supported by taxes Horace Mann known as the “Father of Public Education” He extended school days and trained teachers Literacy rates increased drastically in the North but not as much in South. Why? Page

6 Page 412-413 Graph, chart , Map and timeline
Where did the Second Great Awakening begin? Who called for the women’s suffrage convention? What is the difference between suffrage and rights? Give an example of the underground railroad. What is abolitionism? What is an Utopian community? What is the purpose of an Utopian community?

7 How did reformers and writers inspire change and spark controversy?
After studying page , give your opinion on how these reforms relates to the chapter question. Second Great Awakening Utopian Community Public Education Underground Railroad Abolitionism Women’s Rights

8 Improving Society Why it matters: Age of Jackson spread the idea of democracy across the country. This spirit influenced religious ideas and inspired people to react to improve American society.

9 The Reforming Spirit Reform: To make a change to create a positive difference is to re-form. Social reform: It is an organized attempt to improve conditions of life.

10 Jacsonian Democracy Increase ability to vote for White Americans
Created a change socially and politically Ideas of different opinions are being heard in the political circle like: slavery and women sufferage.

11 The Second Great Awakening
Early 1800’s Many ministers challenged some traditional views such as “predestination” and “slavery” Predestination is the ideas that God had determined your faith before your birth. Therefore, “sinners’ could repent and reform their sinful life. Questioned rather “slavery” was right. Revivals would last for days or weeks

12 Page 415

13 Second Great Awakening
Encouraged reform People began to believe they had the power to improve themselves and society

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