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A New Spirit of Change Social Reform.

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1 A New Spirit of Change Social Reform

2 Religious Reform Second Great Awakening Rise of Evangelical movement
Focus on women in churches Christian Revivals became popular in the growing west New groups that grew from the Reform: Utopian Societies Groups that withdrew from Organized Religion Shakers Socially radical religious groups Mormons Joseph Smith established a Christian Theocracy in Utah

3 Temperance Movement A violation of Christian Law Led by women
The focus of the Temperance Movement was to stop the drinking of alcohol On average, men spent about 60% of their wages on alcohol The 18th Amendment was the result of the Temperance Movement

4 Worker’s Rights and Reform
The average factory worker worked 12 to 14 hours per day…6 days per week Child labor (working children as young as 8 years old) Labor Unions were created to improve working conditions Labor Unions used strikes to persuade management. Eliminated Child Labor Established 5 day – 40 hour week.

5 Education Reform Initially education was for those who could afford it
Most of the initial schools were led by churches Horace Mann led the movement to establish public education The first public high school was opened in Boston in 1821. Most women and African Americans were not allowed into public schools until the late 1800s

6 Women’s Suffrage Women were considered to be inferior to men
By the mid 1800s, women focused on women’s right to vote and abolitionism Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia Mott led the Women’s Suffrage Movement The Seneca Falls Convention was first national meeting The meeting urged the first proposed amendment for women’s vote (Failed)

7 Political Reform Monroe Doctrine
James Monroe – 5th President (1817 – 1825) – “The Era of Good Feelings” The Doctrine stated that no European nation could colonize the Americas. Reasoning – “To protect the peace and safety of the United States”.

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