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COMENIUS Training For Life 2013-2015 Liceo Classico G. Carducci Cassino, Italy.

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1 COMENIUS Training For Life 2013-2015 Liceo Classico G. Carducci Cassino, Italy

2 Cassino

3 Montecassino Abbey

4 Amanuensis Placito cassinese St. Benedict Patron of Europe since 1964

5 World War II

6 World War II The destruction of the Abbey The destruction of Cassino

7 Cassino nowadays Corso della Repubblica XX Febbraio Square

8 Engeneering; Law; Philosophy and Letters; Economics; Sports Science Faculties University of Cassino

9 FIAT Plant of Cassino Giulietta Alfa Romeo

10 Liceo Classico G. Carducci Our School before World War II

11 Liceo Classico G. Carducci Today Main entrance Secondary side

12 Our Headmistress Ms. Filomena de Vincenzo

13 Laboratories Physics Laboratory Science Laboratory Computer Lab Language Lab

14 Library In the library our students can get a great and good selection of books for their personal cultural growth

15 Gymnasium Here our students do gymnastics, but sometimes they organize events, assemblies, shows

16 Activities Competitions: An Author To Be Rediscovered, Sport, Certamina, Olympiad of Mathematics, Physics Theatre CAMBRIDGE Certification School Magazine Comenius School Trips and much more!!!

17 An Author To Be Rediscovered ITALIAN COMPE- TITION The advertisment poster The awarding moment

18 Sport Ski racings

19 Certamina Certamen Horatianum in Venosa near Potenza (Basilicata) During the contests (Certamina) our students are invited to translate a composition of an ancient author from Latin to Italian and to comment it Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas in Arpino (near Cassino)

20 Theatre The theatre Lab performs different plays taken from the Classics either Latin and Greek or contemp- oraries.They also reharse Shakespeare plays on the “Shakeaspea re’s Day “


22 Ermes, the school magazine E

23 Comenius Projects To improve foreign languages skills our school promotes Comenius Project and exchanges.At the moment our school has just closed the I.T.E.R. project, that is: Intercultural Travelling European Road-crossing with schools from Greece,Poland,Romania Spain,France,Germany, and Turkey that has won the European Linguistic Label.Visit our website! www.ITER/rejowiec/pl New Comenius Project :Training for Life!!!! Now we are very happy to start this new adventure with you!

24 School Trips Athens Prague Vien Berlin

25 The End

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