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Piarist School of František Hanák Prievidza Comenius 2013-2015.

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1 Piarist School of František Hanák Prievidza Comenius 2013-2015

2 Prievidza PRIEVIDZA (population 51,608) is the economic and administrative centre of the area of Upper Nitra. It is situated in the Self-govering region of Trenčín, at about 180 km from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

3 Piarist school  It is situated in the town centre near the bus and railway station.  It is the only church school in the Upper Nitra region.  In 2013 it celebrated 20th anniversary.

4 Our school – our house

5  Continual education from kindergarten throughout all stages of primary and secondary school until school leaving exams.  Evangelization through education in a christian school  Strong christian values  Critical view of the society  Active and mature way of acting

6 Piarist college Piarist school is located in the historical piarist college. This two-storey longitudinal floor plan structure from the 17th century stands close to the Piarist Church.

7 School system School year starts on 01/09 and finishes on 30/06. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday. Children have autumn, Christmas, spring, Easter and 2-month summer holiday. School starts at 7.50 am and finishes at about 2.30 pm. Pupils and students are given marks, 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. At the end of the January and June school school reports (certificates) are distributed.

8 School facilities  5 language classrooms  3 IT rooms  Chemistry and Physics laboratory  gym, fitness centre  multimedia room  school chapel  snack bar and canteen

9 School departments Materská škola Kindergarten 24 children Základná škola Primary school 299 pupils Gymnázium Grammar school 262 students Stredná odborná škola Secondary professional school 71 students

10 Kindergarten(2012) Founded in 2012 it offers education for children aged 3-6 years. There is one mixed class of about 20 children.

11 Primary school ( 1993) pupils aged 7-10 years 9 classes from 1.A to 4.B 1 st grade pupils aged 11-15 7 classes from 5.A to 9.B 2 nd grade


13 Grammar school (1996) for students aged 12-19 years 8 classes: prima, sekunda, tercia.... oktáva 8-year grammar school for students aged 15-19 years 4 classes 1.G – 4.G 4-year grammar school


15 Secondary professional school (2010)  It is located in rented facilities of the University of Žilina  2 IT rooms  Construction training centre for practical education

16 Courses 2-year course Support worker in construction 3-year course Construction Administrative Assistant 3-year course Builder 4-year course Construction operator 4-year course Graphic designer


18 Foreign languages English, German, French and Russian, Latin and Spanish. English as first language is compulsory from the Year 1. English school-leaving exam is at B2 level, second language at B1 level. CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning is used in Primary education. Trips to Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Courses or conferences with native speakers.

19 Formal Educational Activities School trips Excursions Conferences Participation in local and national competitions

20 Non-formal Educational Activities Carnivals Benefit concerts School club of children Charity After school courses and clubs: language courses, maths courses,hiking club, choir....

21 Piarist summer camp

22 Spiritual Activities Mass celebrations in the Piarist church Spiritual exercises Spiritual and moral guidance of the piarist fathers First Communion celebration

23 Activities within local community Opening days Presentation of school on posters, in shop-windows, in local newspapers Website School magazines, year book Cooperation with local authorities Cooperation with Free-time centre

24 Our school and the EU Secondary professional school participated in the programme Leonardo. In 2011 our students visited Germany where they attended theoretical and practical courses. Renovation of school facilities was financed through European Regional Development Fund.

25 Comenius 2013-2015 We are looking forward to meeting you in Prievidza in April 2014. See you soon.

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