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2010 Region One PaCE Project Edinburg, TX Aug 7, 2010 8:30 – 11:30 AM

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1 2010 Region One PaCE Project Edinburg, TX Aug 7, 2010 8:30 – 11:30 AM

2 Everything a Beginning Teacher Will Need Topics: Tips for the first day, classroom-management advice, printables and research based lesson plans/ curriculum. Authority and fairness, assessing students' work, developing grading policies & rules, ELL’s, IDEA, Parents.

3 Region One New Teachers Looping slide show of TX and Hawaii Students in DL collaboration Look for elements of agenda in the following video clip of classroom

4 Housekeeping 3 Hour session New Teachers: Alternative Certification Restroom location: feel free to use anytime Two 10 min-breaks! 10:00 & 11:00 Cell phones and laptops fire up, put on vibrate, and have ready to use. Ask questions any time during presentation: Q & A at end also.

5 Agenda – Assign Timekeeper 1. 8:30 – 8:45 Intro 2. 8:45- 9:15 First Day – truth/lie 3. 9:15- 10:00 Curriculum – Kid Prv Video/Jeop/Syntax Stps 4. 10:00 –10:10 Break 5. 10:10 –10:30 Classroom M’gmnt – perfect square 6. 10:30 –11:00 Grading – Rockwell, Moodle, Thesis Statement 7. 11:00- 11:10 Break 8. 11:10 -11:20 Parents – role play 9. 11:20- 11:30 Technology – PPT slides

6 Presenter - Jane Gonzalez Teacher, Los Fresnos High School BS, University of Albany MEd, University of Texas at Brownsville (C & I) MTT Certification TX Online Teaching Certification

7 2005 – Present LFHS : Eng I -IV 2002-2005 LHS: Science SE/ESL/ 2001- 2005 – Perkins MS BISD –SE/RDG 1990 – 1991 – Martin Elementary BISD Bilingual 1984 – 1990 - Manager Small Business Background

8 Integrating Technology into Curriculum Ms. Jane Gonzalez HS English Teacher 8

9 Stress Teachers overwhelmed with increase of basic curriculum Standardized Test with High Stakes Teacher duties No time for “frills” and “extras”

10 Ken Kay Special Session ASCD conference Oct 2009: “ 21 st Century Skill movement and why it is growing Valid Point – fact from Ken Kay President of Partnership for 21 Century Skills Information in world doubles every 2 years

11 Too Much Material/Not Enough Time Types of skills students need to be successful in work force Types of skills we need to teach students Information Curriculum

12 Statistics 2010 estimated 85% of jobs in USA are Service Jobs Driven by information, knowledge and innovation Not enough to know academic content Partnership for 21 st Century Skills, 2008 12

13 Statistics Service Job Employers demand : Speaking listening skills Digital Communication Understanding information quality Acceptance of Diversity Ability to Upgrade Website Comfort Interaction with technician Problem solving Ken Kay Special Session ASCD conference Oct 2009: “ 21 st Century Skill movement and why it is growing” 13

14 Statistics People will have 7-10 careers Need to negotiate constant change Need to prepare students for this changing landscape Fuse 3 R’s and 4 C’s Partnership for 21 st Century Skills, 2008) 14

15 Too Much Material/Not Enough Time That is the nature of this world We cannot turn the world back to the 20 th century

16 Because…we are teachers We must prepare students for 21 st century jobs We must advocate for our students.

17 Agenda 1. First Day – 2. Curriculum – 3. Classroom Management – 4. Grading – 5. Parents – 6. Technology –

18 Current Teaching Assignment What is your current ELA teaching assignment? Elementary Bilingual Elementary Middle School Reading, English, ESL High School English, Practical Writing, ESOL, SE English, Speech, Year Book, Journalism, PreAP, AP

19 22333 27812 MS Reading 27818 MS English 27809 MS ESL 27810 HS English 27811 HS ESL 27860 Speech, Journ. 27889 HS remedial 27906 Elementary Audience Poll #1 What is your teaching position? Text or click answer

20 What is your current teaching position? View results as live chart teaching position Region One live chart teaching position Region One More info on polling audience

21 Audience Poll What Experience in Work Place Careers do You Have? Business Customer Service Medical Billing Agriculture Shipping Computer Maintenance Manager Restaurant

22 22333 49824 “Restaurant Manager” Audience Poll #2 What jobs/careers have you experienced? Text or click answer

23 What are you interested in? View results as live chart audience demographic previous career experience live chart audience demographic previous career experience More info on polling audience

24 22333 49063 Technology Int. 48908 First Day Tips 48957 Curriculum 48985 Class Manag’mt 48996 Grading 49022 Parents Audience Poll #3 What part of today’s agenda are you most interested in? Text or click answer

25 What are you interested in? View results as live chart custom agenda by audience interest live chart custom agenda by audience interest More info on polling audience

26 Audience-Created Agenda Moby Write Audience experience X Audience teaching positions X Click on area of interest 1. First Day 2. CurriculumFirst DayCurriculum 3.Classroom Mgt 4. GradingClassroom Mgt Grading 5.Parents 6.TechnologyParentsTechnology

27 Never Forget Your customers Your clients Your products Are students: MOST important part of your job.

28 Closing quotes by Gillian 28 “The system may bug you to distraction, but kids are the thing that make teaching whatever fun it can be(97).” “There is no such thing as promotion from the classroom; a ‘promotion’ will take you out of your classroom. (26).”

29 The End Thank you for listening to my presentation on first year teaching. Any questions?

30 22333 49875 “What is best way to stay organized?” Audience Poll #4 Questions for presenters Text or click answer

31 Live Chart questions for presenters Region One Aug 2010 Live Chart questions for presenters Region One Aug 2010 poll #4 Questions to Presenters 22333 wMzk0NTc3OQ

32 First Days: Tips Materials Ready – Syllabus, Intro Activity, Seating Chart, Rules Posted, Attendance Procedure Sponge Activity A Few Extra pencils and Paper Lesson Plans Ready Back-Up Plans Ready Practice addressing class Lighting,Tech. and scented accessories

33 First Days: References How to Teach School Real Good by Dick Gaillard Humor and sometimes Satire

34 Gilliard First Day Tip “Begin your classes in a business like manner. Start the year off on the first day with work. Real work. Don’t smile and don’t parry questions about your marital status or past life. Dive right in. Don’t joke or try to amuse your students and don’t try to be a ‘nice’ person” (96).

35 First Days: References Making Learning Happen by Jeffrey N Golub High energy learning

36 First Days: References First Days: References I have come to understand the cautionary note voiced by my mentor and respected colleague, Roy Alin: “Don’t mistake motion for progress.” …ways to restructure your classroom so that progress happens –” Jeffrey N Golub

37 First Days: Tips 2 truths/lie activityactivity Interview/introduce/report Interview

38 Curriculum: Diversity "Diversity is the one true thing we have in common. Celebrate it every day.“ anonymous

39 Curriculum Award Winning Technology Rich Standards Based TEKS/State Test Researched-Based Use Diagnostic Tools for Target Areas (Prepared, Teacher Made or District Electronic)

40 ELA TAKS clustering

41 ELP S (4) f 24CC R S ELA III B 2 group discussi ons group 21 st Cent ury Skill: creat ivity l Skill 21 st Centur y Skill Adapt to change 21 st Centu ry Skills elabor ation 21 st Cen tury Skill : adapt to chan ge Cen tury Skill TEKS Clustering TAKS demonstrate understanding of Literary elements Objective 2 TEKS Student Expectations ELPS & CCRS 21 st Century Skills 25 (a) listeni ng and spkg) listeni ng 24 (a) listenin g and spkg RC- 9- (b) supp ort ing evide nce 26 (c ) team partic ipatio n team 17 (a) use conven tions acade mic langua ge conven tions RC- 9- (a) meta cogn ition Obj 2) ELPS 4 \g) express opinion s ELPS 4 (g) responi dng to q’s 5 (b) ( c ) icharac terizati onc 11 ( c) 10 (b)

42 curricululm Join group Attend conferences Get a master’s Write curriculum in summer Submit proposals Get certified in online teaching link to online learning linkteaching link online learning link

43 Curriculum Activities Groups Groups Kid Prov Video ClipVideo Clip Theme – Norman Rockwell Theme Thesis Statement – grouping envelopes Thesis Statement Jeopardy Games

44 Classroom Managment classroom-management advice - grading policies & rules Use a ready made syllabus with district grading polices and rules in it. Review Post Follow

45 Classroom Management 1. Lesson Plans & Seating Chart Ready 2. Start in rows: then try group seating after a few weeks (move into groups then return to rows). 3. Engaged students usually are well behaved students 4. Be consistent 5. Be firm, not mean. 6. Follow through every time.

46 Classroom Management 7. Find a teacher to help (mentor). 8. Get specific tips for difficult objectives – usually students hard to control when they don’t understand. 9. Restroom passes and system- important 10. Free time management when independent work complete.

47 Classroom Management Student goal for class period – helps with staggered finishing times. 1. The objective for this period. 2. Assignment – how will you achieve it (keep focused, don’t talk with friends, ask questions if needed) 3. If you finish what other work will you do? 4. End of period – did you finish? Why or why not?

48 Classroom Managment Advice from Gaillard “Treat the biggest meanest kid you’ve got as firmly as you would anyone else. Never hesitate to punish a student for an infraction of your rules. Make it swift and sure every time it’s necessary...Once you've established absolute control of your classroom, pass out compliments by the bushels.”

49 Classroom Management Activity “perfect square” Form groups of 5 Form groups

50 5.Grading Objective Research based – diagnostic tests, frequent checks (formal, summative) Rubrics – give out before hand Align horizontally, if possible vertically Involve students – (peer edit, quizzes, see tutorial Moodle) Involve parents- Be current – at first grade EVERYTHING

51 5. Grading Activity Involve students in revising and editing “Moodle” sentence structure Block 46 syntax practice 2.

52 Instructions on Moodle

53 Sentence Variety

54 5. Grading Activity Involve students in their target areas “Moodle” TAKS tutoring Block 46 -syntax practice 2.

55 Review q’s missed -diagnostic

56 Peer Chat Target Areas

57 5. Grading Activities “Rockwell” “Thesis”

58 Parents Best ally or worst enemy - your choice You may not be impressed with their child. But understand, parents are giving you the “Best they have.” Chances of being successful with parental help high – without it much lower. Grade Book/E-mail/ document

59 Parents - Activity Role play – get interpreter if necessary Treat with respect – Find a comfortable place to sit Have student’s work ready to view Have a plan in mind Use positive reinforcement & negative Have parents sign for meeting - document

60 Parents - Activity Student name: Neftali Issue: distracted not doing work – failing Parent: mother with hyper-energetic child along Process: Introduce, sit comfortably, find activity for child to do, have parent sign and date that she is here, discuss situation, make a plan, future contact.

61 Collaboration Animotos Teacher collaboration View Animoto of different collaborations between Ms. Vasquez and Ms. Gonzalez Collaboration with librarian pictured Collaboration

62 21 st Century Reality Check 62

63 Re-tool Lesson Plans Use standard curriculum with modern tools Instead of just exchanging papers with peer next to you, peer edit on Moodle with a school across the nation. (C) revise drafts to improve style, word choice, figurative language, sentence variety, and subtlety of meaning after rethinking how well questions of purpose, audience, and genre have been addressed; 63

64 Re-tool Existing Lesson Plans Instead of just presenting within one class for one teacher, have students write an essay and read it out loud to students in a different school; listen to stories from students in a far site (2) c. (24) Listening and Speaking/Listening. Students will use comprehension skills to listen attentively to others in formal and informal settings. (25) (25) Listening and Speaking/Speaking. Students speak clearly and to the point, (16) writing ) an organizing structure appropriate to the purpose, audience, and context; 64

65 Re-tool Old Lesson Plans Instead of just reading poems to class, conduct a poetry slam with different school districts 14) Writing/Literary Texts(B) write a poem using a variety of poetic techniques (e.g., structural elements, figurative language) and a variety of poetic forms (e.g., sonnets, ballads); and 65

66 Standardized Testing: Focus on targeted objectives Textual support target area according to item analysis of previous TAKS integrate with VC’ing.VC’ing Instead of just drilling on textual support post on Moodle and have students interact with answers. Figure: 19 TAC §110.30(b) 66

67 Standardized Testing: Posted on Moodle: Review the sounds and rhythms of violence in Romeo and Juliet and identify how those sounds and rhythms can be seen in today’s society. Figure: 19 TAC §110.30(b) 67

68 Moodle through your lesson plans Quizzes Journal writing Wiki In-text citations Literary discussions 68

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