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U.S. HISTORY 2012-13 Ms. Sexton. END OF COURSE ASSESSMENT EOC End of the year test Given during the last two weeks of school Counts for 20% of your final.

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1 U.S. HISTORY 2012-13 Ms. Sexton

2 END OF COURSE ASSESSMENT EOC End of the year test Given during the last two weeks of school Counts for 20% of your final grade Multiple Choice and essay questions

3 WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Exploration & Colonization Creating a Nation Antebellum America Civil War & Reconstruction Industrialization & Urbanization The Roaring Twenties & The Great Depression World War I & WWII The Cold War

4 HOW WILL YOU BE GRADED? Quizzes30% Unit Tasks (Participation)10% Performance Based Assessment20% Exams25% Summative Projects15%

5 WHAT ARE PERFORMANCE BASED ASSESSMENTS? Performance assessment is one alternative to traditional methods of testing student achievement. Performance assessments measure skills such as the ability to contribute to the work of a group and develop a plan of action when confronted with a new situation.

6 WHAT IS A SUMMATIVE PROJECT? These activities are designed to answer a question or solve a problem and generally reflect the types of learning and work people do in the everyday world outside the classroom.

7 WHAT IS A SUMMATIVE PROJECT? Summative projects teach students 21stcentury skills as well as content. These skills include communication and presentation skills, organization and time management skills, research and inquiry skills, self-assessment and reflection skills, and group participation and leadership skills.

8 WHAT IS A SUMMATIVE PROJECT? Summative Projects are generally done by groups of students working together toward a common goal. Performance is assessed on an individual basis, and takes into account the quality of the product produced, the depth of content understanding demonstrated, and the contributions made to the ongoing process of project realization.

9 WHAT IS EXPECTED IN CLASS? Be at school and on time – If you miss school, you miss instruction – You can make up work, but you miss discussion Be respectful to teacher and classmates – No profanity Be prepared for class everyday – Notebook/Binder and pencil – No such thing as a free day No tobacco in class

10 WHAT IS EXPECTED IN CLASS? We will use technology – Cell phones should not be out unless you are given instruction/permission to use it for an assignment Go to the restroom between classes Do not interrupt class or get out of your seat while I am talking

11 HOW CAN I DO WELL? Be at school and in class Take notes and be respectful Make a legitimate attempt at all assignments You WILL pass if you make an effort to pass

12 IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION… You can ask during class You can ask after class You can e-mail me at my school address You can check the website You can stay after school You can checkout a book

13 WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR THIS CLASS? A spiral notebook or binder that is only for history class Writing utensils everyday A positive attitude Internet access is a plus, but can be accessed at school


15 BELL WORK Come into class, gather materials, begin bell work Bell work will be a question related to material learned the previous day or as a way to see what you know about a new topic Bell work will be scored for participation with the Unit Tasks (see Unit Overview Sheet)

16 TARGET JOURNALS You will have learning targets posted on the board every day that you must keep track of. These questions and statements will tell you what you should be able to do after a lesson. For each target you must fill out the journal format.

17 LATE WORK If you are absent for a test, you must make the test up the day after you get back to school. The test score will stay a zero in Infinite Campus until it is made up. If you are absent on the day a project or other assignment is due, you must turn in the project or assignment the day you return. The score will remain a zero in Infinite Campus until the project or assignment is turned in.

18 LATE WORK Each project or assignment that is turned in late, not due to an absence, will lose 10 points for every day that it is not turned in. All makeup work when you are absent is located in the makeup work folder.

19 FOR EACH UNIT STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TO GET FULL PARTICIPATION POINTS: Assignment overview sheet Target Journals Tasks from Overview Sheet Quizzes Required Readings and Discussion Questions Class Participation Bell Work Summative Project End of Unit Exam

20 EVERY ACTIVITY WILL FOLLOW THE CHAMPS MODEL What is CHAMPs? C – Communication H – Help A – Activity M – Movement P – Participation S – SUCCESS

21 DIRECT INSTRUCTION EX. NOTES/CLASS DISCUSSION C – Your input is important, but you must raise your hand H – Raise your hand; speak with me after class A – The end product is that you gain insight from discussion M – Stay in your seat; dont be turned around talking P – Be alert and involved

22 INDEPENDENT WORK C – No talking to classmates H – If you have a question, raise your hand A – Successfully complete assignment in class time M – Stay in your seat unless youre turning in work P – on task; focused on assignment

23 GROUP WORK C – Talk to group members in a reasonable tone; conversation should be about topic H – Raise your hand and I will come to you A – Complete group task in allotted time M – Stay in your seat with your group P – All group members working on assigned task cooperatively

24 OTHER PROCEDURES All completed assignments go in the tray in the front of the room Your class period has a designated tray You may have one restroom pass per week 5 minutes I can change this if restroom use gets out of hand! Stay in your seat until I dismiss you, not when the bell rings, at the end of class Do not ask to go to another teachers room for any reason!

25 TUTORING I typically stay after school for additional help on Tuesday and Thursday until 4:30. I am more than willing to meet before or after school for additional help to improve your Spanish skills. I am also willing to meet during lunch. You will need to set up an appointment with me ahead of time, at least one-day prior. If you need additional help, I am able to recommend some online resources to assist you at home.

26 SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND… Fair isnt always equal. What does this mean?


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