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The Life of an Itinerant APE Teacher

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1 The Life of an Itinerant APE Teacher
Adapted from Lisa Silliman-French, PhD Stephanie Bowerman, PhD Silliman 2011 1

2 Screening Silliman 2011 2

3 Screening First step Purposes
Help confirm concerns regarding student development status. Aid in the identification of students’ needs that may have gone unnoticed. Stops, in many cases, being dumped on. Silliman 2011 3

4 Screening Collaboration begins here for the general physical education teacher and the adapted physical education teacher. General physical education teachers have the skills and competencies to perform the screening for students with disabilities. Silliman 2011 4

5 Physical Education Evaluation Instruments

6 How do you select and appropriate assessment instrument?
Primary (whenever appropriate) APEAS (Los Angeles): Birth - 5 years CTAPE (LA)/APEAS: Elementary/Secondary Special Olympics: Nonambulatory/severe delays Silliman 2011 7

7 How do you select an appropriate assessment instrument?
Secondary (suggested) Peabody Developmental Motor Scale: Birth - 5 years TGMD: Elementary Project Mobilitee: Secondary I CAN: Nonambulatory/severe delays Silliman 2011 8

8 How do you select an appropriate assessment instrument?
Fitness (suggested) Fitnessgram: Elementary/Secondary Brockport Fitness *Determine if OT, PT, or SPED will or has tested using similar instrument to avoid duplication. Silliman 2011 9

9 What criteria is appropriate for eligibility for Adapted PE?
Test Scores (Flooring) Understands cause and effect Behavior Have voluntary movement Interact with other(s) Parent(s) Environment Silliman 2011 11

10 What criteria is appropriate for dismissal from Adapted PE?
Mastery of Goals and Objectives Assessment results above 70% Participates safely and successfully in regular physical education Silliman 2011 12

11 Are We Really Doing Our Job?
All lessons should be planned to align with developmentally appropriate and quality instructional practices (TEKS) Silliman 2005 17

12 TEKS? Adapted PE is part of the planning of the TEKS (i.e., modifications) Silliman 2005 18

13 Remember No test is perfect.
No testing environment is completely adequate. Strive to achieve testing conditions close to perfect and rely on best professional judgment when interpreting test results. Silliman 2005 19

14 Discussion Questions Silliman 2005 20

15 BREAK TIME!! 10 minutes 15

16 Assessment What if an assessment isn’t appropriate for a student? 16

17 Authentic Assessment Skills and abilities in a real world setting
Motor skills and abilities, functional tasks, everyday activities Places and situations in an individuals everyday life 17

18 Authentic Assessment Outcomes are important to the instructor and participant Ability to use skills in a variety of what? Direct observations with recordings 18

19 Authentic Assessments
Rubrics Agreed upon performance expectations Levels of performance Data collected in natural context of performance Knowing Knowing how Knowing when 19

20 Rubric Environment Skill Performance Game
Skill development, drills, lead-up games In-class games School Intramural games Community Special Olympics Skill Performance Moves to face off with prompts and assistance Moves to face off without prompts Moves quickly to face off without prompts Moves independently to face off Game Positions body appropriately Moves to the ring when receiving a pass Responds quickly to prompts to move into position Moves to position independently Frequency: 3=always 2=sometimes 1=never

21 Project Mobilitee MOBILITEE Movement Opportunites Building
Independence and Leisure Interests through Training Educators Exceptional learners Target Population: Students who are moderately and severely disabled MOBILITEE

22 Project Mobilitee Project Components Assessment and Curriculum Areas
Assessment Tool Curriculum Guide Curriculum Implementation Activities Assessment and Curriculum Areas Physical/Motor Fitness Fundamental Motor Skills Skills for Participation Games/Sports Patterns for Low Functioning Students 22

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