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Classroom Walkthrough with Reflective Practice

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1 Classroom Walkthrough with Reflective Practice

2 What Are Classroom Walkthroughs?
“Unlike a classroom observation which provides a view of a single classroom, a walk through creates a school-wide picture made up of many small snapshots.... It’s a strategy for providing a school, not an individual teacher, with feedback about what it’s doing or not doing....” “Walk throughs are a way of collecting data about the school’s success in achieving its goals…. They provide a way for the principal to determine what additional support teachers need in order to achieve the school’s goals.” Richardson, J. (2001). Seeing through new eyes. Tools for Schools.

3 Classroom Walkthrough
A process and a set of tools that have a specific focus A way to provide the school with continual feedback about what’s working and what’s not working A way to build a professional learning community at a school A way to improve student achievement A way to focus on effective instruction A tool to enhance classroom visits

4 Classroom Walkthrough Is Designed to Assist in…
Effective data-gathering strategies Curriculum analysis skills Reflective thinking strategies

5 Types of Classroom Visits
Visible presence Informal teacher observation Formal teacher observation Brief classroom walkthrough Classroom walkthroughs are not part of the formal evaluation process.

6 The CWT Process

7 Planning with a Focus Identify a focus for the walkthroughs

8 Focus on Curriculum “Look-fors” in this category:
Identify the learning objective(s) Determine whether the learning objective is evident to students Determine whether the learning objective is on target for grade-level standards Identify the Sunshine State Standard Strand

9 Focus on Instruction “Look-fors” in this category:
Identify the instructional practices Identify the student grouping format Identify research-based instructional strategies

10 Focus on the Learner “Look-fors” in this category:
Identify student actions Identify the instructional materials Determine the level(s) of student work Determine levels of class engagement

11 Focus on Classroom Environment
“Look-fors” in this category: Identify routines and procedures, available materials, student work, rubrics, exemplars, etc., that support the learning objective

12 Focus on the Needs of All Learners
Do you see evidence that the teacher is responding to the different learning needs in the classroom?

13 Reflection Reflection is “…the ability to look back and make sense of what happened and what you learned. But it’s also the ability to look forward, to anticipate what’s coming up, and what you need to do to prepare.” York-Barr, J., Sommers, W. A., Ghere, G. S., & Montie, J. (2006). Reflective Practice to Improve Schools.

14 Reflective Practice Requires…
A deliberate pause A purposeful time for a close look A willingness to be open to other points of view Consciously processing your thoughts Gaining new insights and understanding Action with what has been learned

15 Reflective Practice Can Take Place:
Individually With a partner In a small group School-wide We will focus on small-group meetings.

16 When Are Classroom Walkthroughs Conducted?
Anytime instruction is taking place. Goal: Every classroom Every week

17 Classroom Walkthrough Signals
My signal to let you know I am doing a classroom walkthrough is…

18 Classroom Walkthrough
A classroom walkthrough should take no more than 4 to 7 minutes.

19 Reflection Take a few minutes and consider….
How can classroom walkthroughs impact teaching and learning in our school?

20 Sample Walk #1

21 Sample Walk #2

22 Sample Walk #3

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