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Presented by The NC Adapted PE State Council November 17, 2011.

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1 Presented by The NC Adapted PE State Council November 17, 2011

2  Adapted Physical Education (APE) is a direct special education service.  Children with disabilities shall have equal access to the provision of physical education.  Specially designed PE shall be provided to the child with a disability who cannot participate in the regular physical education program.

3  Modified physical education – general PE with accommodations.  Adapted PE – designed on an individual basis specifically to meet the needs of a child with a disability.

4  The IEP Team determines a student’s need for APE based on recommendations following an evaluation.  The IEP Team should include an Adapted PE specialist, if available, and the general PE teacher.

5  Adapted PE is a program, not a placement.  Provide PE to the maximum extent possible in the general PE program.  If APE is recommended then placement is discussed. ◦ Continuum of placements may include  General PE setting  General PE setting with accommodations/modifications  Separate PE class  Separate Public School

6 Adapted PE Specialist  PE Teacher with specialized training in: ◦ Assessment and evaluation ◦ Developing an individualized PE program for students with disabilities. ◦ Knowledge and understanding of a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities. General PE Teacher  PE Teacher with training in: ◦ Motor skills and physical development ◦ Fitness skills ◦ Games and sports ◦ Lifetime activities ◦ Limited training in working with students with disabilities.

7 Providing APE when your county does not have an Adapted PE Specialist can be challenging. ◦ Encourage PE staff to update knowledge of disabilities and teaching strategies. ◦ Collaboration with other service providers (OT, PT, EC Teachers, Parents, Administrators). ◦ Explore and use community resources (colleges, universities, recreation programs, sports programs for the disabled).

8  Please visit the various tables to discuss concerns or questions you may have about “This Kid…”. ◦ Disability Awareness ◦ U niversity/Community Connections ◦ Resources and Equipment ◦ The Assistant in PE ◦ We Don’t Have APE staff in our County – what to do? ◦ Assistive Technology in PE ◦ Goal Writing and the Law

9  Thank you from the NC Adapted PE Advisory Council. The council is comprised of Adapted PE specialists from across the state.  For further information contact: Laurie Ray-DPI Liaison for APE ph 919-636-1827

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