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White Station Elementary. We believe:  Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

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1 White Station Elementary

2 We believe:  Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.  Student learning is the chief priority for the school.  Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.  All students can learn.  A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.

3 White Station Elementary will be a competitive, high-performing school that partners with all stakeholders to produce students who will become responsible citizens in society and successful future leaders.

4 White Station Elementary is a community who: C hallenges Learners A chieves Academically R espects Self, School and Others E mpathizes with others S trives for Excellence!

5 Social skills are as important as academic skills and should be embedded in the curriculum and everyday practices.

6 White Station Elementary Tier I increased by 5% (Growing the Green) The amount of students in Tier II decreased from 3% to 1% White Station Elementary School reported a 0 percentage for Tier III students

7 Objectives:  Reduce the number of bus referrals by 5%.  Reduce the number of discipline referrals to the office by 2%.  Reduce the number of home suspensions by 2%.  Reduce the number of tardies by 5%.  Reduce the number of cafeteria referrals by 5%.

8 White Station Elementary School PBIS Team Members Principal: Ms. Thomas Assistant Principal: Mr. Breeden Professional School Counselor: Kathryn Pickens School Social Worker: Louise Levin General Education Teacher :Ms. Pickering Special Education Teacher: Ms. Williams Related Arts Teacher(s) : K. Shirley Student Representative: Mario Robinson Educational Assistant(s)/ Non-Certified Staff: Ms. Cox Parents (2): Cindy Brantley/Charity Walker Community Member: Ms. Enck Special Education Representative: Ruthie Stewart 8Revised 7/11

9 a) Entry – Data will be entered by the Friday following the end of the reporting period to enable review of accurate data. Person responsible – Ms. Buckner b) Data Review – Data will be reviewed within one week of final data entry for reporting period. Person responsible – Mr. Breeden c) Data Reporting – Data trends will be reported to faculty within a week of the PBIS Discipline Committee data review meeting. Person responsible Ms. R. Stewart and Assistant Principal, Bradley Breeden

10  Reduce the number of discipline referrals to the office.  Reduce the number of home suspensions.  Reduce the number of bus referrals.  Reduce the number of tardies.  Reduce the number of cafeteria referrals.

11 Action Number Action ( Who Does What?) By When? (Date) How will we know it is done? (Data Source) Establish & Confirm Commitment (TIC 1 & 2) 1. Admin will attend meeting at least 90% of the time and provides funding for PBIS activities. 2. Admin will put time on staff agenda for PBIS updates and actively promotes PBIS as priority. 3. Improving school climate/discipline is important to staff. 4. Faculty is involved in some decision making/establishing goals and faculty feedback is obtained throughout the year. Ongoing 14/15SY Team meeting minutes Establish SWPBS Team (TIC 3 – 5) 1.Team includes grade level, support and SPED teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, school counselor and admin and has established a clear mission/purpose. 2. Team will have regular meeting schedule and effective operating procedures. 3. PBIS team has clearly defined objectives/outcomes. Ongoing 14/15SY Team meeting minutes Conduct Self- Assessment (TIC 6-8) 1. Team will complete EBS survey when available. 2. Team will summarize existing school discipline data. 3.Strengths, areas of immediate focus, action plan are identified. Ongoing 14/15 SY Data analysis reports School Name White Station Elementary 2014-2015 Action Plan for School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (Aligned with Effective Behavior Supports Survey & Team Implementation Checklist)

12 Action Number Action ( Who Does What?) By When? (Date) How will we know it is done? (Data Source) Discipline data are gathered, summarized and reported to staff to make decisions (TIC 15) 1.Data collection is easy, efficient, and relevant. 2. Data will be entered weekly and analyzed monthly. 3. Data will be shared with team and faculty monthly. Sept-May 14- 15 Data Dashboard Faculty agenda Build capacity for function based support (TIC 16-17) 1.PBIS Coach will be utilized. 2. Students are identified through multiple data sources, teacher/parent request. 3.Focus of support is preventative, educative, functional, data based, empirically valid, collaborative and tied to school-wide, classroom and individual support programs. Ongoing 14/15 SY S-Team minutes Other tasks1.Funds will be allocated for building and maintaining school-wide behavioral support. Ongoing 14/15 SY Financial records

13 Successes will be communicated by: Announcements Bulletin Boards Monthly Newsletters Home/Communication Folders PTO Meetings Website

14 C ome to school ready to learn A lways do your best R espect self and others E xemplify positive behavior S peak kind words


16 General Procedure for Dealing with Problem Behaviors Observe problem behavior Problem solve Determine consequence Follow procedure documented File necessary documentation Send referral to office File necessary documentation Determine consequence Follow through with consequences Problem solve Follow documented procedure Write referral & escort student to office Follow up with student within a week Is behavior major? Does student have 3? NOYES NO YES Find a place to talk with student(s) Ensure safety

17  Classroom Discipline Plan - unique to each individual teacher  Classroom Interventions – Behavior Intervention Manual (BIM); Logical rules and consequences  Student/parent conferences – at the request of teacher, parent or administrator  School-wide Interventions – Life Skills, SRT, Small Group Counseling, Character Education

18  After-school Detention – Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-4:15, assigned and monitored by teacher, zone 0, transportation is parent’s responsibility, doing homework is not permitted, detention work will be assigned, incomplete work will result in additional day of detention

19  Out of School Suspension – issued by administrator, parent conference required to clear suspension.  Alternative Setting – referral process.  Mental Health Referral- referral process; case-by-case basis for extreme behavior issues.

20 Code of Conduct meetings with each grade level presented by School Counselor and Assistant Principal. Universal lesson plans being developed. Classroom rules posted inside classrooms. School-wide rules posted throughout the building Opportunities for practice. Intercom Announcements – morning and afternoon

21  Student handbooks will be distributed at registration and reviewed by teachers at parent’s night.  SCS Student Code of Conduct distributed and signed by parents at registration  A flyer regarding transportation, drop off/pick up procedures will be distributed at registration.  Bus rules reviewed and signed at registration.  Bus rules and procedures will be discussed with bus drivers and bus students.  Parent Night offers review of student behavior expectations.

22  Rules and procedures will be taught at the beginning of the school year and reviewed throughout the year.  Students will be reminded of rules and procedures through morning announcements.  Reminders of rules and procedures will be included in school newsletter.

23 Morning Arrival-  Students will line up at the flagpole door by grade level and enter with the 8:00 bell.  Students not in their classrooms by 8:16 will be marked tardy.  Tardy students must obtain a tardy slip from the office.  Independence Day begins after Labor Day and parents cannot walk students to class after this date.

24 Hallway –  Students must always walk in the hallway at Zone Zero.  Students should walk on the right side of the hallway.  Individual students must have a hall pass when in the hallway.  Voice level expectations posted in hallway and cafeteria.

25 Cafeteria –  Use Zone One voices  Display good table manners  Remain seated  Keep area clean  Refrain from sharing food  Classroom clips and bucket will be taken to the cafeteria. If a student does not follow the rules, their clip may be placed in the bucket. Classroom teacher will provide a reward for those students whose clips remain outside the bucket.

26 0 No Talking 1“Spy Talk” 2Partnership & Small Group 3Normal Voice 4Presenter 5Outside

27 Departure –  Student dismissal tags are displayed on backpacks.  Dismissal will be staggered and called from the office.  All bus riders will be dismissed from the multipurpose room.  Car riders will be dismissed from the flagpole door.  Walkers will be dismissed from the grade level hallways.  KK students will be dismissed from their classroom and will be assigned a car rider number on the main hallway near the flagpole door.

28  Classroom and school-wide rules will be posted in the classroom.  Procedures for morning routine, turning in home/class work, transitions, requesting help, managing materials, etc. will vary by individual teachers.  Procedures will be discussed with students.

29 Caught you Being Good Tickets  Tickets will be awarded randomly to students displaying outstanding appropriate behavior.  Students may enter “Caught You Being Good” tickets for a chance to win lunch with the principal.  “Caught You Being Good” tickets may be redeemed for gifts at the “Caught You Being Good” store. Lunch with the Principal  Each week 4 names are drawn (2 from the K-2 jar and 2 from the 3-5 jar) and the winning students eat lunch with the principal. The lunches are donated from Chick-Fil-A.

30 Kindness Counts Tickets  Students earn kindness counts tickets for exhibiting positive, kind actions towards other students  Teachers maintain a jar with the tickets students have earned in the classroom.  Each Thursday the teacher will draw two names from the kindness counts jar.  These students will be able to wear their favorite shirt to school on Friday.

31  Teachers will nominate fellow co-workers, including educational assistants and secretaries, based on good attitude and willingness to help others.  Nominations will be placed in a jar located in the Teacher’s Lounge.  Once a month the principal will draw a name from the jar and the winner will receive a $25.00 gift card to a local restaurant.

32 The purpose of this program is to recognize outstanding teachers that exhibit professionalism and dedication to their students and White Station Elementary School. The candidates will be selected by the ADMIN Team.  Teachers cannot accumulate more than 1 sick day per school year (personal days and religious holidays do not count).  The Professionalism Rubric will be used by the ADMIN team as the criteria for selecting the candidates.  The top three candidates will be invited to attend the Teacher of the Year Luncheon sponsored by the Memphis East Rotary Club.  The Teacher of the Year winner will receive $500.00 from the Rotary Club.  The remaining two teachers will each receive $50.00 gift cards.

33 Honors Program  Recognition will be given to students that meet the criteria for Principal’s List, Honor Roll, and Good Citizenship.  Each 9 weeks, support teachers will recognize students who exhibit good citizenship and effort during their support class.

34 Beta Club Guys in Ties Girls in Pearls Student Council


36 Adopters: Rotary Club of East Memphis Chic-Fil-A (Oak Court Mall) EmbroidMe First State Bank Lowe’s School Funds Restaurants Fundraisers/PTO

37  Character traits and related stories are shared by the principal each morning during morning announcements.  A Bully/Violence Prevention Program is implemented school wide to foster positive interpersonal relationships.  Responsive Classroom morning meetings are held daily in all preK-5 th grade classes.

38  Thought for the Day  Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings  Embedded in daily classroom instruction  Morning announcements  Family Life Education and Health & Wellness  Guidance lessons taught throughout the year by the school counselor  Character traits emphasized: Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Fairness, and Hope

39  White Station Elementary School supports ATOD initiative by promoting Red Ribbon Week.  This week includes a day set aside for Drug Awareness and Prevention.  The health curriculum is emphasized as well as taught throughout the year.  Red Ribbon Week is coordinated by the school counselor, Mrs. Pickens, with additional help from the PE Coach and Well Child Nurse.

40  The faculty and staff receive training from the school counselor during which bullying is defined and prevention strategies are shared.  The school counselor will provide lessons in all K-5 classes to educate students on all types of bullying and what to do if they experience bullying at WSE.  Healthy Choices Week and Red Ribbon Week will include a day to focus on healthy relationships.  A Bullying Awareness Workshop is held in September each year by the School Counselor.

41 Responsive Classroom No Bullying Program Tutoring Programs RSVP Tutoring Program Watch D.O.G.S. Group Counseling School Social Work Services

42  Parent workshops are held 6 times a year.  September is WSE Bully Awareness Month and the counselor conducts classroom training as well as a parent workshop dedicated to educating parents about bullying.  Other workshops include: study skills, parenting tips, and outside speakers from a variety of community resource services.

43  School Safety Committee  Watch D.O.G.S.  Parent Volunteer Safety Patrol  School Crossing Guard  School Check In  Multi Hazard Emergency Management Plan  Emergency Crisis handbook  Regular safety drills: fire, tornado, lockdown, and earthquakes

44  Fire Drill Earthquake Drill Tornado Drill Lockdown Drill  1. 8-15-1411-14-14 09-26-14 09-05-14  2. 8-29-14 01-09-15 01-30-15 02-27-15  3. 9-12-14  4. 10-24-14  5. 11-07-14  6. 12-05-14  7. 1-23-15  8. 2-20-15  9. 3-06-15  10. 4-10-15  11. 5-13-15

45 Secondary interventions to be used include:  Group counseling – anger management, social skills by school counselor  Individual sessions – check-in, check-out by school counselor  Mentoring – selected faculty  BIM as needed – social worker  Parent workshops to be conducted by the school counselor in the fall and spring

46  Students’ behavior will be evaluated by: Teacher reports presented to SRT. Discipline referral data/ S Team Classroom observations Small group evaluations Data collected using ABC checklist

47  Students referred to the School Support Team are identified by staff, parents and/or administrators.  Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Interventions Plans will be developed as needed.  Students’ success will be monitored at intervals established by the SRT.

48 Revised 7/1148 1. Number of students with 6+ office referrals (red zone)= Divide this number by total enrollment for % in red zone 2. Number of students with 2 – 5 office referrals (yellow zone)= Divide this number by total enrollment for % in yellow zone 3. Number of students with 1 office referral= 4. Add together totals from 1, 2, & 3 and subtract from total enrollment to get students with 0 office referrals 5. 0–1 office referral (green zone)=add totals from 3 & 4. Divide by total enrollment for % in green zone 6. Total students referred (total of first 3 lines)= Divide by total enrollment body for % students referred







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