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Website & Proposal for.

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1 Website & Proposal for

2 Agenda Logos designs Website designs Fees
Marketing a Optimum Energy Services Marketing Examples Sales Support Services Offered Cost Analysis Options

3 Logos

4 Logo Redesign Concept 1

5 Logo Redesign Concept 2

6 Logo Redesign Concept 3

7 Logo Redesign Concept 4

8 Logo Redesign Concept 5

9 Website Concepts

10 Website Concept 1

11 Website Concept 2

12 Website Concept 3

13 Fees Website = $2000 Rate = $100/hour Edited until approved
Site Maintenance (webmaster) at hourly rate Rate = $100/hour

14 Launching and Marketing a New Company
Owning a concept Sales

15 Marketing Optimum Energy Services
Key Messages Promotions Press Releases Advertisements Public Relations Collateral (print & electronic)

16 Marketing Examples Car companies Fast Food Burgers
Volvo Mercedes Fast Food Burgers Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard What do you want your customers to believe of you?

17 OES Sales Support Key Messages Canned PPT Presentation Client Packet
A, B, C Canned PPT Presentation Used by Everyone Client Packet Brochure/Product Sheet FAQ WIIFM

18 Cost Analysis In the first 6–12 months OES will need… At regular rate
Web development Logo Market/client analysis (3) Press Releases Pub negotiations Message development Presentation development Media analysis Direct mail Graphic design Collateral development Ads Approx. Hrs. 448 At regular rate $44,800

19 Services Market Analysis Press Releases
Strategic marketing Press Releases Presentation Development & Training Media Analysis, buying & negotiations Employee development, resume analysis Graphic Design Website Collateral Development Brochures, Ads, Sales Support Ad Development Print, TV, Radio Media Analysis, buying & negotiations

20 Options Website & logo development only On retainer
Maintenance as needed at reg. rate. On retainer 10 hrs week for any services 6 month engagement (260 hrs) $12,000 Or 1 year at $20,000

21 Questions?

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