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Introduction to Grants for Technology Presented by: John Porter, Ph.D., M.Ed., C.G.W.

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1 Introduction to Grants for Technology Presented by: John Porter, Ph.D., M.Ed., C.G.W.

2 What is a Grant? A grant is a gift, in cash or kind, awarded by a funder (grantor), to an eligible recipient for a specific purpose.

3 About Grants Grants are most productive when part of a long term strategy. Grant money is not a loan. It is a gift or an award. Just because you need money is not a reason that you deserve grant money. Funders are looking to solve a problem rather than simply give money.

4 About Grants Not all grant applications get funded. Actually, less than 10% of all grant applications get funded. This is the main reason to apply to multiple funders. Using a multiple grant application strategy greatly increases your odds of securing grant funding. You can apply to as many funders as you want, however, you can only keep the amount that funds a project for the given year. Excess funds cannot be accepted.

5 About Grants It is not about the percentage of grant applications that get funded, instead it is about getting enough grant money to fund your project. There are NO guarantees that any one proposal will get funded. Nearly all funding opportunities are highly competitive.

6 Technology Grants Technology grants represent 0.5% of all grants Average Technology Grant Award amount is $230,000 Median Technology Grant Award is $45,000 Higher percentage of technology grants awarded in the West, Midwest, Northeast and then the South

7 Top Technology Funding Education Health Rural Energy Efficient Assistive Research and Development

8 Foundation vs Government Grants ItemFoundationGovernment Research Time1 dayThroughout year Writing Time20-60 hours100-150 hours Award Amount$5,000 - $250,000$125,000 to $millions Award Time after2 – 6 months 6 – 12 months

9 Grant Application Process Funders Set Program Priorities Funders Appropriate Funds Funders Release Application Announcement in the form of a RFP or NOFA

10 Grant Application Process Applicants read and verify Funding Eligibility and Requirements Outline and Schedule Tasks Accurate Preparation of Grants Final Internal Reviews of Proposal

11 Grant Application Process Applicants Submit Proposal Deadline Date Funders Evaluate Grant Applications Funders Disburse Funds to Eligible Applicants Recipients Submit Reports to Funders

12 Funding for technology projects that meet community and civic economic development, safety and growth objectives and small-to-medium enterprise growth

13 Benefits To Resellers Two key drivers in the effort to maximize reseller revenue will be: 1) actionable intelligence about the application of the various grant funding programs, and 2) Tools for communicating that intelligence to resellers and customers in the public sector. By leveraging the grant experience in the public sector connections of the resellers, the grant programs have the potential to provide a significant revenue lift and increase customer loyalty.

14 Benefits To Resellers Enhances Sales Professionalism Consumer Education Promotional Materials Penetrate Niche Markets Generate Multiple Sale Referrals Builds Reputation

15 Recommendations Proposals should target achieving core program goals instead of purchasing IT for the sake of IT Act quickly for stimulus – many of the stimulus grants have already been awarded –Build on existing relationships and partner with others Follow grant funding streams to… –Identify funder priorities –Identify likely funding recipients

16 AGWA AGWA is a professional association of grant researchers and writers, but does not, itself, write any grants. AGWA provides expert training in the grant writing process, credentials members by examination as Certified Grant Writers and establishes industry Professional Standards, Code of Ethics and Best Practices. AGWA has appx 1,000 members, with appx 400 as Certified Grant Writers (CGW).

17 National Business Developers NBD is a Business Member of AGWA and provides grant services by Certified Grant Writers. NBD also provides other related services including, but not limited to, Business Plan and Strategic Plan Development, 501(c)3 applications and applications for government contracts.

18 What to look for in a Grant Writer Experience. Education. Membership in a Professional Association. Adherence to Professional Standards. Code of Ethics. Rate of Success. Areas of Expertise.

19 What to look for in a Grant Writer Knowledge – have intensive training in both foundation and government grant applications. Proven ability to obtain grants; most Certified Grant Writers have several years of experience. Relationships with funders. Over time, professional grant writers get to know the program officers making the funding decisions. Learn more at http://www.agwa.us

20 Contact John Porter National Business Developers 727-596-5105

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