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MAIN Causes of The Great War (Only Later Known as WWI)

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1 MAIN Causes of The Great War (Only Later Known as WWI)

2 M is for…Militarism Building up armed forces, preparing for war Britain naval supremacy Worlds largest and most powerful navy Germany competes Built up navy Established well-disciplined army

3 A is for…Alliances European countries formed unions with each other vow to help one another in the event of war (alliance system) Some alliances public; others secret Triple Entente (Allied Powers) Britain, France, Russia Triple Alliance (Central Powers) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey)

4 WWI Alliances

5 The World in 1914

6 I is for…Imperialism Europeans expanded their land overseas, building empires Claimed colonies as their own possessions Took resources from the colonies Sold European products there Great Britain the sun never set on the British empire Germany desired its own place in the sun

7 N is for…Nationalism Pride in your country, willing to defend it European countries competed with each other for the control Oversea colonies Sea ports Austro-Hungarian empire Serbs did not want to be part of their empire Constant fighting, warfare Think present-day Palestine

8 The Spark A Serbian nationalist assassinated the heir to the throne of Austria Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Austria blamed Serbia for plotting against them Germany gives a blank check to its ally (Austria) Russia rushes to its ally (Serbia) Germany declares war on Russia August 1, 1914 France and Britain follow suit within days after Belgium (neutral) was invaded

9 United Streaming Clip: WWI Begins in Europe

10 What is the role of the U.S. at the beginning of the war? What war tactic greatly affects the U.S.?


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