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Agenda Do Now: What are the positives and negatives of war?

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1 Agenda Do Now: What are the positives and negatives of war?
Group Discussion: + and – of War Notes: Causes of WWI Activities: Maps Project Assignment

2 The Great War World War I

3 Europe is about to Explode
Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism What was the flame that caused the “powder keg of Europe” to explode?


5 What does MAIN mean? Militarism: Building up armed forces, getting ready for war Alliances: Agreements or promises to defend and help another country Imperialism: Trying to build up an Empire Nationalism: Having intense pride in your country, and being willing to defend it

6 MAIN and The Great War Militarism: Nations in Europe were in an arms race (building up ammunition, etc) Alliances: Everyone was joining a “team” that was against the other Imperialism: Countries in Europe were competing to take over other countries around the world Nationalism: People thought that their country was superior and should be #1

7 Germany Germany wanted to build up her empire. This is known as imperialism. Germany also built up her armed forces. This is nown as militarism.

8 Britain As Britain had the most powerful navy in the world, she was worried about other countries building up their armed forces. We could call this a worry about militarism. Britain, Germany, and other countries were keen to have large empires.

9 Europe European people were very proud of their countries and would defend their country as well as they could. This is called nationalism.

10 World War I has begun 1914 Triple Entente ALLIED POWERS Great Britain Russia France Triple Alliance CENTRAL POWERS Germany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire


12 The Spark Archduke Franz Ferdinand was in Sarajevo, a city in Austria- Hungary. The year was 1914. Ferdinand was heir to the throne. This means he was next in line to be in power. Austria-Hungary would not give the Slavics their independence. Serbia, the country next door, sided with the Slavics TROUBLE IS BREWING A man from Serbia (Gavrilo Princip), a country South of Austria-Hungary, shot and killed Ferdinand. He thought that killing the Archduke would set his country free.

13 Alliances and the Great War
In July , 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia Alliances formed Russia agreed to protect Serbia Germany was an ally of Austria-Hungary France was an ally of Russia Germany invaded Belgium, an ally of Great Britain, forcing Great Britain to join the war THE GREAT WAR HAD BEGUN!!

14 Alliances at start of WWI
Central Powers Germany Austria-Hungary Italy Allied Powers Great Britain France Russia


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