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Created by Todd Jenkins 100 200 TermsPlaces 300 500 400 200 300 400 500 PeoplePotpourri 100.

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2 Created by Todd Jenkins

3 100 200 TermsPlaces 300 500 400 200 300 400 500 PeoplePotpourri 100

4 A1 100 The term that describes the physical and verbal conflict between communist powers and democratic powers from the 1940's to the 1980's.

5 200 A2 Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and Senator Joseph McCarthy are prime examples this term used describe the fear of the spread on Communism within the United States.

6 300 A3 The Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine are the two main examples of this a term used to prevent the spread of Communism.

7 400 A4 The soft financial side of US policy focused on aiding countries from being influenced by Communism.

8 500 The hard military side of US policy focused on supplying MILITARY and financial aid to countries who were being overtaken by Communism. A5

9 When talking about the Cold War you have to start with these two counties, whose ideas of government and economy where polar opposites. B1 100

10 200 This obstacle was created by Soviet Premiere Khrushchev to separate the union of the US, UK and France, from the Soviet Union and also to prevent the fleeing of people from one into the other. B2

11 300 This country was separated at the 38th parallel and favored democracy. B3

12 400 This world wide governing body, whose members are nations who favored peace, was the key force in the Democratic Korean War. B4

13 500 This term is used to describe the witch hunt of Soviet sympathizers, like Alger Hiss, by a US Senator by the same name. B5

14 100 Two answers required: US President at beginning of Korean conflict who fired MacArthur and US President at end of Korean conflict who favored the Hydrogen bomb C1

15 200 Chinese Nationalists leader who favored South Korea and the democratic idea of government. C2

16 300 Leader of the Peoples Republic of China who favored North Korea and the communist idea of government North Korea. C3

17 400 American CIA U-2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union during a reconnaissance mission. C4

18 500 American Soviet advisor who tried to explain Soviet behavior in the long telegram which lead to the American policy of containment. C5

19 300 D3

20 400 D4

21 500 D5

22 100 Last name of the so called, Soviet spies who may have been falsely accused of espionage by selling atomic secrets to the Soviets. E1

23 200 The creation of this new nuclear fusion weapon lead to an intensified (fallout) alert during the Cold War. E2

24 300 Phrase used to describe the systematic falling of smaller satellite countries to the power of communism. E3

25 400 Big three Prime Minister who stated An iron curtain has descended across the continent E4

26 500 American General who was placed in charge the United Nation forces at the beginning of the Korean conflict. E5

27 Daily Double

28 Daily double



31 Daily Double

32 Final Jeopardy Question

33 Final Jeopardy question is ? This country seized control of the Suez Canal in order to use the canals profits to pay for a dam during the beginning of the Cold War.

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