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Created by Todd Jenkins 100 200 ThingsTerms 300 500 400 200 300 400 500 Spec. People R&R Pot- pourri 100 Strictly Business 200 100 300 400 500.

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2 Created by Todd Jenkins

3 ThingsTerms Spec. People R&R Pot- pourri 100 Strictly Business

4 A1 100 This oil product was used extensively to heat and light homes in the late 1800s

5 200 A2 When the Union Pacific started in Omaha and the Central Pacific started in Sacramento to meet in Promontory Point, Utah. The result was called this

6 300 A3 When a company totally controls a specific area of manufacturing generally through horizontal integration it is called this?

7 400 A4 The process of adjusting departure times of railroads through changing the clocks in different parts of the US was called this.

8 500 When a group of companies reach an agreement to keep prices at a standard price, so that prices do not drop, is called this. A5

9 When businesses themselves determine rules of operation and not Government it is called this, meaning Hands Off. B1 100

10 200 The process of performing all operations of production of a product from raw materials to final product is called this. B2

11 300 The process of buying out as many companies as possible in a specific manufacturing area is called this. B3

12 400 The use of technology to produce larger amounts of goods at cheaper prices is called this. B4

13 500 A process in which an impartial third party helps workers and management reach an agreement among disputes. B5

14 100 Wealthy man of steel, who practiced both vertical and horizontal integration at US Steel. C1

15 200 This man created the very first telephone, my dear Watson. C2

16 300 I dug the very fist oil well in the United States. C3

17 400 Arguably the greatest American inventor ever, enlightened the world with one of his inventions? C4

18 500 This leader of the ALU, helped the worker obtain better working conditions. C5

19 100 During the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, railroad companies tapped into this ethnic workforce for labor. D1

20 200 This railroad company remained one of the few that remained successful after the Industrial Revolution, located closer to Canada D2

21 300 This railroad company started in Omaha and worked west. D3

22 400 This railroad company started in Sacramento and worked east. D4

23 500 Leland Stanford, Charley Crocker, Mark Hopkins and Collis Huntington became known as this after investing in and profiting from the Central Pacific Railroad D5

24 100 The total value of all goods and services produced by a country is called this. E1

25 200 The bringing together of a huge array of products in one large elaborate building was called this. E2

26 300 This method of fastening the doors of business shut, was used by owners/manager to stop strikers from entering the workplace? E3

27 400 If a worker got fired he did not want to be put on one of these, which meant you were a troublemaker! E4

28 500 The first nation wide industrial union was created by this group and they fought like a knight for the 8 hour workday. E5

29 100 This cheap and quick way to make steel changed the rails and industry in the US.

30 200 The financial means for which people in the U.S. lived rose during the Industrial Revolution and is called this!

31 300 A person who believed no government was good government was called this.

32 400 The belief that the lower, working class will eventually rebel against the upper, management class and rely on government to balance the field is the belief in a theory created by this man?

33 500 This event led to violence by bomb throwing anarchists at Chi-town police in response to an 8 hour workday.

34 Daily Double

35 Daily double



38 Daily Double

39 Final Jeopardy Question U.S. Industry

40 Final Jeopardy question is? Two answers required! The two types of expenses in business are these! Final Double JeopardyJeopardy

41 Final Double Jeopardy Standard Oil was the first company to do this, which is the means of one person managing another persons property.

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