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Writing, Chapter 8 Tastes and Preferences:

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1 Writing, Chapter 8 Tastes and Preferences:
Writing a comparative essay about two types of housing By Maram Alabdulaaly By Maram Alabdulaaly

2 Writing Chapter 8 Related Grammar By Maram Alabdulaaly

3 Writing about similarities P145
Using Both 1- Before nouns: Both living situations are safe and inexpensive. 2- As a pronoun: Both are safe and inexpensive. 3- With verbs: They are both safe and inexpensive. The have both given me a lot. They both offer convenience. Remember! “Both”: Verb be main verb. By Maram Alabdulaaly

4 “Neither” is always singular.
Writing about similarities P146 Using Neither 1- With nor: Neither living in a dormitory nor sharing an apartment is ideal. 2- Before a singular noun: Neither situation is ideal. 3- As a pronoun: Neither is ideal. Remember! “Neither” is always singular. By Maram Alabdulaaly

5 Two Syllable Adjectives
Comparatives One Syllable adjectives Two Syllable Adjectives Ends with –y Doesn’t end with –y Add –er + than Change y to i + add er +than More/less + than An apartment is cheaper than a house. Tom is happier than Jack. ………. is more/ less expensive than …… Comparing two things P147 Irregular comparatives: good-better; bad-worse; far- farther/further. By Maram Alabdulaaly

6 Two Syllable Adjectives
Superlatives One Syllable adjectives Two Syllable Adjectives Ends with –y Doesn’t end with –y Add –est Change y to i + add est Most/ least This apartment is the cheapest that I could find. Tom is the happiest guy I know. This is the least/ most expensive thing I ever seen. Comparing more than two thingsP147 Irregular superlatives: The best; the worst; the farthest/furthest. By Maram Alabdulaaly

7 Check out “In Contrast” next…
You can use While to show two different or apposing ideas. If while comes at the beginning of the sentence, use a comma at the end of the clause it introduce. Remember, while can be used in a time clause to show duration. For example: While Rita was standing under a tree, it began to rain. While P 148 Check out “In Contrast” next… By Maram Alabdulaaly

8 Page 150 On the other hand: Used to contrast advantages and disadvantages of the same thing. Example: An apartment gives you privacy. On the other hand, it can be lonely to live on your own. In contrast: Used to contrast two different or opposite things. Example: Renting an apartment can be expensive. In contrast, living at home is inexpensive. By Maram Alabdulaaly

9 Writing Chapter 8 How to Write? By Maram Alabdulaaly

10 What are you going to write?
Write a comparative essay about two types of living situations after marriage. For example: living with your in-laws, renting an apartment, renting a house, or buying a house. Or write an essaying comparing two types of housing. By Maram Alabdulaaly

11 Strategy P141 Use the chart to organize ideas.
From the chart, make a list of similarities and differences. Based on the above, if you have more similarities, then focus on the similarities, and vice versa. Make use of the vocabulary list in page 139, 140 and 141. Bases of Comparison A B Similarities Differences A B Similarities Differences Total X Y Strategy P141 By Maram Alabdulaaly

12 Example of a topic sentence: e.g. 12 P142:
Writing an introduction for a comparative essay, includes: What you are comparing. Your bases of comparison. Whether you will concentrate on similarities or differences. P143 Example of a topic sentence: e.g. 12 P142: “These living situations (renting a room with a family and renting an apartment on your own) differ in many important ways including price, convenience, and amount of independence.” The conclusion usually sums up what was said in the body of the paragraph and includes additional thought or personal opinion on the topic. P144 Put in mind that you will use the Grammar lessons you learned today. By Maram Alabdulaaly

13 Start writing! By Maram Alabdulaaly

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