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ALUR Wall System.

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1 ALUR Wall System

2 Environmental Time Bomb
Construction Debris 60% of Solid Waste Some Landfills Refusing Gypsum Board Up to $1 Per Square Foot for Disposal Pollution from Airborne Particulate Contaminates Ground Water Supply

3 Glass Storefront Walls
½” Thick Tempered Glass Discreet Glass to Glass Joint Minimal Framing Up to 10’ high Anodized Aluminum Scratch Resistance Finish

4 Glass to Glass Joints I, L and T Joints Thin Profile
Tongue & Grove Design Clear Polycarbonate Resin 93% Transparency Rate Will not Discolor Flexible Joint

5 Quality Hardware SWING DOOR SLIDING DOOR Lever Handle Lockset
Ceiling Track SWING DOOR SLIDING DOOR Ladder Pull Pivot Hinge Floor Track

6 Demountable Dividing Walls
5” Thick (Matches Drywall) STC Metal Studs and Channels Easy to Install Vinyl Coated Board Accepts Electrical & Plumbing Dry Erase Option

7 Stackable Panel Walls Stack/De-stack Frames Multiple Tile Options
Off Modular Design Partial Height Walls Hang-on Capabilities Integral Power & Cabling Easily Reconfigured

8 Plug & Play Technology

9 Modular Desk

10 Modular Desk

11 Sound Masking Uniform Sound Dispersion Easy to Install
Low Voltage Connections Adjustable Volume & Frequency Controls

12 Under Carpet Power & Cabling
Low Profile Eliminates Core Drills, Trenching & Cable Poles Easy to Install UL Listed & CSA Certified

13 Return on Investment 7 YR VS. 39 YR Depreciation
1st Year up to $500, % Considered Operating VS. Capital Expense Can be Leased Only 20% - 30 Cost of Drywall to Move Eliminates Cost Overruns Cost Savings Due to Shorter Lead Times Reduced Employee Downtime

14 Sustainability 100% Reusable Recyclable Pre and Post Consumer Content
Certified Point Contribution

15 Contribution

16 Installations - Higher Ed

17 Installations - Corporate

18 Installations - Retail

19 Thank You Don Lipscomb 205-410-3415
Integrated Sustainable Interiors LLC

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