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Matrix SYSTEM OVERVIEW Full Frame Tile Based Stacking Panel System

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1 Matrix SYSTEM OVERVIEW Full Frame Tile Based Stacking Panel System

2 AIS Matrix is a full-frame, stackable tile system. –Full frame means no complicated field assembly of vertical or horizontal supports. –Fewer parts means less installation time, and a reduced chance of assembly error. The AIS Matrix stackable feature means you can add 8, 16 or 24 stack-on frames to any full frame. – You can double stack on an 82H frame to achieve 130H. –Stacks are load-bearing, meaning components may be hung up to a maximum height of 98H. Matrix DEFINED AIS Matrix stackable tile system

3 Heavy 14-Gauge cold rolled steel and welded frame. Connector posts are through-bolted, steel to steel, standard ¼-20 bolts 6 standard full frame heights 34, 42, 50, 58, 66, 82. 5 Standard Full Frame Widths 24, 30, 36, 42, 48. Lifetime Warranty Matrix DEFINED Matrix Panel Heights

4 Trim-Powder Coated Aluminum panel and tile trim. No Plastic. 11 different tile options 13 standard worksurface widths, 3 standard depths and custom sizes in 15 days. 13 Standard and 4 Grade B paint options 5 Pricepoint and 61 Grade A quick-ship laminates 120 Grade A quick-ship fabrics. Matrix DEFINED Sampling of Matrix Tile Options

5 With Matrix extensive tile options, virtually all design and function objectives can be achieved. Tile Configurations: Tackable Acoustical Fabric Woodgrain or Laminate Embossed Steel Solid Steel Perforated Steel Whiteboard Tempered Glass or Acrylic Dual/Quad Power or Data, or combination Open Pass Through Tool Rail Matrix FLEXIBLE DESIGN

6 Matrix has the most flexible power and data wire management system in the market today. Powerways may be placed virtually anywhere on a panel. Instead of fixed powerways, the AIS Matrix system allows power to be placed wherever it is needed and does not come with a fixed inflexible base raceway like other systems. AIS Matrix Powerways 8 wire, 4 Circuit System Unimpeded lay-in top channel wire management Up to 4 duplexes in a single 8h power tile Combine power/data in dual or quad combinations on a single tile. Matrix BUILT WITH POWER IN MIND

7 Matrix UNLEASH THE POWER Matrix provides electrical and data cabling holes at every 8 of height, forming up to 10 laterally continuous raceway channels on an 82 high panel. Electrical and data can be snaked through the panel frames at every height, and multiple powerways can be positioned from the bottom of the panel up to 114 in height.


9 Matrix TEAMING ENVIRONMENTS 90 degree, 120 degree and 45 degree planning options.





14 More power and data capacity with more placement options than any tile system in the market. 10 day Quick-Ship, Standard 3-4 week leadtime Unparalleled quality from award winning manufacturer (AIS 2003 Winner of the Shingo Prize) GREENGUARD Certified More tile and finish options, with COM flexibility A full frame tile panel system at a price point better than most competitors monolithic systems. Easy to specify and install with fewer kits of parts common with tile systems. Matrix OUTPERFORMS THE COMPETITION

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