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PEACE OF MIND For you and your business with our complete Employment Law and HR Advisory Service 01908 951229.

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1 PEACE OF MIND For you and your business with our complete Employment Law and HR Advisory Service 01908 951229

2 Finding it difficult to cope with the demands of Employment Law & HR? Not knowing is not a defence The pressure on employers in regards to ever changing employment law and HR management is growing. The burden is on the employer to be aware and compliant with employment regulations and statutory documentation such as contracts of employment. Ignorance is not a defence and often instances can arise out of the blue, such as grievance or disciplinary issues that need to be addressed quickly. Don’t fall foul of new laws Even if you have established practices, legal changes have implications that you may not have considered. For example requiring job applicants to provide health related information is now unlawful, you can no longer discipline a employee for sharing salary information with his/her colleagues and new bribery legislation places a duty on directors to implement anti- corruption measures for the business at all levels. Procedures evolve The world we live in is changing fast and creating new challenges which as an employer or manager you need to address. For example, social media has developed into a great tool for businesses to promote themselves, but you equally require policies to protect your business if social media is used to harass your employees or criticise your brand. What a minefield! Plan for success If you don’t have a workable plan for keeping up to date with employment law and implementing efficient HR systems then your business will be at risk. For example, how do you decide when to review contracts, how to introduce new policies to improve performance, how to manage absence and how you will track procedures such as disciplinary and grievance. We’ll show you how with our all in one HR Framework, HR Services On Line Portal and our advisory services.

3 Let us take away the stress with the complete Employment Law and HR Service What’s included? 1.A secure online account to bring your HR Administration together under one roof. 2.Employment contracts and policies drafted for you and maintained by our qualified Employment Consultants. 3.Manager Toolkits to guide you with everyday issues. 4.Employment Law AND HR Advisory to help you with those tricky situations and to help you to improve business performance. 5.Insurance to protect your business against tribunal claims (optional). 6.Strategic support from the HR team to help you to achieve your HR goals. 1.Your online portal for HR administration and advice The HR On Line Portal is an integral HR management system which helps you to manage all of the HR documents and processes on line. Log in and store your contracts, handbooks and other records and manage your paperless, electronic personnel files. Web-enabled and employee self-service capability ensures that your holiday and absence records can’t be disputed! Keep track of deadlines in the HR diary and track assets and set reminders for annual matters i.e. driving licence checks. Never miss a probationary review again.

4 2.Employment Contracts & Policies When you become a retained client, one of our employment consultants will discuss your working practices with you and advise you on the legal implications. We then draft your employment contracts, policies and procedures and place them in your HR Services Online Portal account so you can easily access and issue them. Plus we keep them up to date as required and according to legal changes so your business is always compliant with employment legislation. 3.Managers Toolkits, Laws in the Pipeline, Blogs and Newsletter Log on to your HR Services Online Portal account to access constantly updated resources including Managers Toolkits and guides, flowcharts, forms and letter for confident management of issues such as recruitment, disciplinary etc. Track new developments in HR and employment law with our bulletins, blog and newsletter. 4.Expert help Experienced Employment Consultants are available on our helpline to assist you in a crisis. They provide you with practical solutions (we don’t say you can’t, we find commercial solutions) to get you on track. 5.Insurance against Employment Tribunal claims Although the use of our services will dramatically reduce the likelihood of a claim against your business, if you want total peace of mind then we can arrange legal expenses insurance to protect your business against the cost of litigation. We of course have our own insurances in place and support you in the event of a claim as part of your retained service. 6.HR Strategy Your service allows you to take advantage or HR Strategy services. Whether you’re just starting out and want to achieve basic compliance or have ambitions to implement best practice or simply just want an optimum performing team we can help you get on track and stay on track. Our experts are there to guide you.

5 Why choose HR Services UK? Reduce costs & streamline systems This winning combination of service helps you to achieve cost saving, improve management systems and ensure consistency across your business. It is also compatible with Sage Payroll. Shared resources on demand The service puts your HR documents, a wealth of legal materials and management systems at your fingertips 24/7. Our aim is to help you access the resources you need when you need them. Leverage the benefits of mobile working and sharing real business information on demand whether in the office, at home or on the move. Straight-forward technology Most online systems boast they are easy to use, but all too often prove more complicated in reality. HR Services Online intuitive portal is a breeze to use. There is no software to install, just log on to your secure online account to manage your staff everyday with the advisory services supporting you whenever you need. Help, flexibility and guidance In addition to the HR Services Online Portal and all the supporting material – our core service is our expert advice with a commercial edge and to fit your own business culture and objectives. You will also have your own HR Advisor and technical helpline. What more could you need!

6 Transparent pricing We charge a fixed fee for your complete package dependent on the number of employees. We don’t fix you in to long-term agreement. You can select an affordable monthly payment plan to help your cash flow. Prices start from as little as £60.00 per month. Whatever your current HR arrangements, our clients tell us that we provide excellent value for money and recommend us time and again.

7 How does it work? You sign up to retained services and receive your Welcome Pack electronically Enjoy access to your dedicated portal within 24 hours and immediate access to the Legal and HR Advisory helpline We show you how to set up your HR Services Online Portal and management systems Start using the toolkits to ensure compliance We draft your contracts and policies and place them on your portal Discuss your HR strategy with your advisor and plan for success

8 Testimonials We treat our relationships with clients as confidential so we do not provide testimonials openly on our website or within any marketing material. However, if you would like to hear more about HR Services UK directly from clients that use our services please contact us. We are proud of our reputation and the strength of the relationships we have built with clients and we are always more than happy to give reference contact names. For more information on pricing please contact Elaine Gibbons on 01908 951229 or email We are not sales people, by speaking to us you will already be experiencing what we have to offer!

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