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Welcome to Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

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1 Welcome to Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

2 Introduction Awras was founded by a group of legal and business experts. In the city of Tripoli in 2009, and main offices are in Bin Ashour District, Tripoli, Libya. The firm has together diversity of business and legal expertise to deliver a " one-stop " legal and consultancy service to its clients. Awras is a progressive and professional firm with a uniquely creative approach to the practice of law. We are willing to challenge "conventional wisdom" to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to providing the best services and achieve the best reliable results to our clients projects by local experts with the best international standards Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

3 Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio What We Do We provide services to our clients in virtually all areas of the law. The firm's main area of specialty; however, is the conduct of legal studies, analysis and set-up companies and other corporate and commercial aspect of the laws. Awras Law Firm, moreover, provides an important strategic gate-way to doing business in Libya. We can offer our clients efficient and timely services thanks to the particular expertise of our various practice groups specializing in specific areas of law

4 What We Believe We strive to incorporate our firm values of Excellence, Straightforward and Diligence in everything we do and we measure our success by the success of our clients. To accomplish this, our Right-sized Thinking is built on the following four values: Excellence : We deliver on the promise. We know the our industries, we understand our clients, and most importantly we are aware of the commercial realities of business. Our distinction means we have the necessary connections in one of the worlds newest markets. Straightforward : We will be open and honest in all our dealings and we will act with utmost integrity. you are represented by us you will always have a trusted guide and confidante in your corner. Diligence : The firm places very strong emphasis on the importance of work ethics and diligence. responding to phone calls promptly, meeting deadlines, and delivering what we promise Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

5 Cooperation Solution We focus that our clients should concentrate on their core activities and leave the supporting functions to us, Our diversified portfolio for business solutions include: 1.Visa & Travel Arrangements. 2. Brand Promotion. 3. Event Management. 4. Real Estate Dealings. 5. HR and Recruitment Services. 6. Organizations Development Solutions. 7. Market Research and Reports. Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

6 Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio Legal Advisory Awras Ltd has a number of consultants who specialize in various areas of law, as well as our team includes Notary Public, translators and tax consultants in addition to experts in areas of law either in civil cases - commercial – Labor and employment relations, real estate and banking. Our consultants are aware of and familiar with all the facts and legal provisions of Commercial Code,civil transactions, petroleum contracts and regulations in addition we are expert in intellectual property and trade marks legislation.

7 Financial Advisory Services Taxation We negotiate and settle our client tax liabilities with the Libyan Tax Authorities. Debt Collocation Our debt recovery procedures depend on the debtor but we usually approach your debt for settlement discussion. We will normally proceed to Litigation if we think it is likely to produce a positive result our attorneys will help to achieve best results. Due diligence We investigate commercial track records and reputation of potential business partners, employees and agents Anti-money-laundering compliance We assist our clients to comply with the AML laws and assist in the development of policies and procedures covering AML We run know your customer (KYC) due diligence reports Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

8 Business Setup Services We will provide our assistance in the formation of all legal form of companies and entities along with sound country analysis research Awras will assure your entry into your new market is a successful and rewarding experience. Our service compiles of the following assistance 1.Provide assistant form company incorporation to obtain the work licenses. 2.Locating the company's site as per the clients requirements 3.Prepare and assist in preparing business plan & Business Consulting 4.Coordinating between the investor and local businesses and the Government authorities 5.Perform Country Analysis, Risk & Opportunity Analysis Business Consulting. Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

9 Contact Us Awras Consultancy Ltd Ben Ashour Street Tripoli, Libya Tel: + 218 (0) 913731057 Email:, Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio

10 Thank you for joining us Awras Consultancy Ltd. Portfolio Downloaded from Awras Consultancy Ltd. Website

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