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Meet Grace! Grace is our newest team member! She is here to make it easier to keep track of all your HR related documents digitally. Grace will always.

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1 Meet Grace! Grace is our newest team member! She is here to make it easier to keep track of all your HR related documents digitally. Grace will always make sure you have all the most up-to-date documents right at your fingertips!

2 How will it help your business? What does it do? Each organisation will have their own site, which can only be accessed by the people you choose. This site will contain all your relevant and up-to-date HR documentation. This allows you to access this information 24/7 – you will always have the most compliant policies and procedures at your fingertips! Some subscribers can have signed copies of documents (such as contracts) electronically filed. These can then be easily accessed by both yourselves and Gravitate HR. It allows easier communication between your organisation and Gravitate HR, saving you time. It is more secure than e-mail or post – that means your confidential documents stay just that, confidential.

3 How does it work? Once you have paid your set up fee and annual subscription, we will set up your organisation’s individual site. We will then upload all your documents and assign usernames and passwords for up to 5 people in your organisation. This whole process will take about one week to complete. We will then keep your site regularly updated with relevant documents and policy changes.

4 Security Measures – Your Information is Safe SSL Certificate: the padlock symbol beside the address in your web browser indicates the use of an SSL Certificate. This is the same type of security used by banks for internet banking clients. It creates a direct and secure line between our server and your computer. Dedicated Security Hardware: this acts as a gatekeeper, and it performs a number of checks each time you log in. This will prevent people from fraudulently accessing your site. Password Policy: you will have to create complex passwords, and these will have to be changed every 60 days, ensuring a high level of protection. Backup: your data will be backed up both on- and off-site every 24 hours. Physical Security: our server is locked on our premises. The only way to access it is through a locked door.

5 How to log in When you enter the web address in your internet browser, you will see the screen below: You will then have to enter your username and password in the pop up box. Only then will any content be visible.

6 Your Homepage This is what your homepage will look like! You’ll be able to access all parts of your site using the tabs across the top. Grace will appear on each page, to help you navigate through your site. A calendar has been included to remind you of important dates.

7 Your Account In this section, you can see different information regarding your relationship with Gravitate HR. This includes things such as board reports, your HR Health Check, and invoices. You can always look for Grace – she can remind you what’s in each section!

8 Your HR The Your HR Section contains all your policies, procedures and templates. You can find the section you want by looking on the left hand side of the screen, under libraries. You can also see the most recently updated documents on the homepage of this section.

9 Your Employees For some subscribers, every employee will have a library. There is a list both on the left and side of the screen, and on the homepage. Just click on the name of an employee to see the documents stored that are relevant to that specific employee.

10 Finding Documents When you only want to see a specific type of document, you can filter out the others using the “type” column. In this example, you could choose to only see job descriptions that would fall in the Management category.

11 Accessing Documents When you click on a document in any library, you will be able to download it to your computer. You can read it, or save a copy to your hard drive to edit it (for example, when using a return to work form or contract template.) You always get immediate access to your latest and most relevant documents.

12 Subscription Levels Bronze See your most up-to-date policies and procedures online. Access to all your templates online, such as: contracts, offer letters, return to work forms... Access to your handbook Access to all aspects of your Gravitate HR Account, such as: your HR health check, invoices, HR strategy, service agreements, timesheets... Set Up Fee: £400 Annual Subscription: £750Silver The entire bronze package, plus: Each employee gets a folder which houses copies of specific documentation, such as: job descriptions, contracts, offer letters, changes to terms and conditions... These copies will not be signed, but this way you can keep track of what was issued to each employee. Set Up Fee: £450 Annual Subscription: £1250

13 Subscription Levels Gold The entire bronze and silver package, plus: You get digital copies of the signed documents given back to you by employees. This gives you proof that the employee has agreed to these items. You must send them to Gravitate HR in PDF format in order to have them uploaded onto your site. Set Up Fee: £500 Annual Subscription: £1750Platinum Very similar to the gold package, however: You do not have to scan signed documents yourself. Instead, you can send Gravitate HR hard copies of signed documents. Our administrator will scan them, and upload them online, leaving you free to do other things! Set Up Fee: £550 Annual Subscription: £2300

14 What to do next? Contact your Account Manager at Gravitate HR to find out more about how Grace can help you improve your HR infrastructure. You can always call us on: 0131 225 7458

15 Thank You! Bye for now!

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