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Nova Human Capital Solutions Presents Clarigen : Paperless HR Group Administration Platform.

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1 Nova Human Capital Solutions Presents Clarigen : Paperless HR Group Administration Platform

2 Why Clarigen  How will you benefit.... No costly software purchases No hardware investments Cost effective No outdated software No license Fees Efficient and accessible No Additional IT support needed  With Clarigen.... Secure On-line system Can utilise your current infrastructure Time saving and cost saving Free upgrades and enhancements Only pay for what you are using Scalable to meet your requirements We manage your system 24*7

3 Benefits Empower staff and management with self-service features, such as leave requests. Manage your staff communications and internal announcements from one place. Make it easy to keep employee documentation up to date and stay compliant. Streamline, speed-up and eliminate routine HR administration Give yourself freedom to focus on value-added tasks Professional reports and vital HR info at your fingertips Return on Investment

4 Solution Choosing Clarigen software enables you to automate processes, so you can easily keep track of newly hired employees, compensation, benefits, holiday schedule, termination and so much more. This enables management to control costs, retain the best talent, handle payroll effectively, and assist in staffing areas requiring additional workforce Our software maximises the value of your people by making a real difference to your business

5 Employee Allow employee to manage their leave Allow employee to see leave due Allow employee to apply for leave Allow employee to manage their own training Empowers employees to manage working hours Enable transparency Enable employee to change personal information – linked to direct manager/supervisor and HR Manager

6 Clarigen Paperless HR Administration Secure HTTPS Login for All Employees/Manager and HR Managers

7 Employee : Self Service Portal Empower your Staff

8 Empower staff: Let staff view and changed personal information, linked to HR

9 Employee Leave Staff can view leave due and apply

10 Applying for leave- NO forms required

11 Immediate answer and accurate leave balance, linked to payroll and HR Manager

12 Let staff take the initiative to apply for training – Uplift your employee and save on costs – Linked to HR

13 Manager Supervisor Portal Approve employee leave online Manage your staff leave Manage staff overtime Manage staff training Manage leave calendar, ensuring appropriate workforce available at all times Manage teams working hours Manage teams training calendar Add an employee training request Manager guidelines, to help manage staff

14 Manager: View your team list

15 Manager: View all your teams documents

16 Manager: View teams leave due,approve and adjust leave

17 Manage staff, leave calendar: Ensures staff leave planning

18 Manger: Manage staff working hours, overtime and time sheets

19 Manager: Manage staff training and staff training requests

20 Manager: Manager Guidelines to help manage staff better

21 HR Manager/ Director Portal: Manage ALL HR aspects of the group online

22 Add new employee: Compliant with government equity policy

23 Manage ALL employee contracts and update

24 Manage and update ALL group HR policies

25 Powerful reporting platform: includes EEA/ BEE reporting

26 Full interface with payroll

27 Manage disciplinary hearings

28 Manage terminations

29 Other unique functions Manage group leave Manage group leave balances Maintain and update manager guidelines Manage group training Employee listings Employee movements Employee documents listing Employee Benefit listing Much more

30 Thank-you Clarigen HR Administration Platform

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