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2 THE GOLDEN SUBWAY Tyrone J. Dallano

3 My project is based on transportation to get around Mississauga. To me, transportation is extremely important in today’s modern world. People are always occupied with something weather it be their families, jobs, extra curricular activities, or school; everyone is always on the move. This is my inspiration I wanted to make a sculpture that benefit the people of Mississauga in terms of a way to get to the various places citizens need to go. Everyday people are spending money on public transportation, gas, and the Go-bus. People do not notice that we are also paying to hurt the world. Global warming is only going to keep increasing if we do not make an effort to try and stop it. The citizens of Mississauga need to find other means transportation that is more environmentally friendly. The subway is one of the best ways to prevent global warming. This is because the subway carries a large number of people; thus reducing the amount of vehicles on the road. This is also convenient to the people because it takes them where they want to go quickly and there is not a long wait for the subway. The base of my sculpture is the shape of a horseshoe. It is painted to represent the Golden horseshoe of Ontario – the area that surrounds the western tip of Lake Ontario. The idea is to connect Mississauga with everyone across the major cities of the Golden Horseshoe via subway. Some of these cities include Niagara Falls, Oakville, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Hamilton, and Toronto. Connecting Mississauga with all of these cities will bring opportunities and people to Mississauga. The subway train was made out of Nestea pop cans. This emphasizes the idea of recycling, another idea that would make Mississauga and the world a better place. By raising the tracks of the subway, this represents that having a subway system across the Golden Horseshoe will bring higher opportunities.

4 SNAKE SUBWAY Joy Valencia Kelly Catalig

5 Our first idea was to create a snake that turns into a subway. This idea relates to the theme of getting around in Mississauga because the snake symbolizes the environment, and the subway symbolizes public transit. Our second idea was to create a cord wraps around a tree. This idea relates to the theme of positively influencing our quality of life because it promotes awareness about the overuse of electricity (which is represented by the cord) that is straggling and polluting our environment (which is represented by the tree). We decided to put the two ideas together by morphing the sculptures. By doing this we were able to incorporate both ideas into one sculpture with multiple themes. We modified our design by making the snake’s tail morph into a cord. This cord was then wrapped around the tree that Joy had originally made. Our end result was a subway that drives into the ground, which morphs into a snake, which morphs into a cord that is wrapped around a tree. We decided to make a platform for our sculpture using three large pieces of marble. We stacked the marble to add height to our sculpture. When the initial idea and theme had been established, we decided to touch up our design by adding details that we felt would add interest to our sculpture. We added small branches to the tree, and then added black clay to the cord to add texture to our design. After the clay had dried, Joy painted the sculpture with vibrant colours that represent the vibrancy and diversity of Mississauga. We feel that both ideas intertwine and complement one another. They both contribute to the major issue of pollution in Mississauga, and have other symbolic meanings as well. The snake and tree represent the overall environment in Mississauga, and how we must preserve and respect the ecosystem. The subway and the cord represent pollution and all the sources of electricity that cause harm to the environment. Overall, our sculpture represents the theme of preserving the environment and bringing awareness about the dangers of pollution, while maintaining and providing public transportation to cut down on the over-use of fossil fuels that cause pollution.

6 GO GREEN AMUSEMENT PARK Deana Quintella Isabel Plana Magdalena Malik

7 Inspiration: There are many amazing features in our city for younger children. However, we feel that we need more for youth. Keeping this in mind, our group came up with a go-green amusement park. Everything would be powered by renewable and non-pollutant resources. Description of Sculpture: Our sculpture starts off with the everyday ordinary rollercoaster, then it transforms into a waterfall. The rollercoaster represents out present day living; powered by harmful things in our environment. The waterfall represents the futuristic Mississauga and where we should aspire to be. The waterfall is a symbol of clean energy and a new way of living. If we could have activities and entertainment that do not leave such a large ecological footprint then Mississauga would be recognized, people would want to live here and that is because we all want a cleaner earth. This may mean that we need to redefine our ideas of entertainment and fun. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an amusement park but activities with a go-green intention would make our city a more active, welcoming and exciting place. Some examples of non-polluting and fun activities are outdoor soccer games, gardening incentives and go-green based science fair competitions, and more…

8 AIR OF THE CITY Corey Misquita Chantel Patricio Sarah Gabriel

9 The love for the nature that surrounds us, the love for our astounding city, and the love for our magnificent people was our inspiration for this project. The fact that the pollution, garbage, litter, and waste of many resources such as water is increasing dramatically. This has always been an issue to many people, but its awareness is beginning to worry more people today –including us students. We needed a way to show people the difference of the air in nature and the air in the city. By creating a broken heart with the polluted city on one side, and the clean fresh air on the other, we hoped that people would understand that our own mother earth is falling apart. She’s falling apart because our people of today are selfish and self-absorbed. They don’t care whether the earth continues to live; they think she’ll be able to manage herself, when in reality she needs our help. Our piece - Air of the City- evolved from a series of ideas. We wanted the conception of two opposing subjects that can still be combined in nature. Also, we wanted to have a three-dimensional product that would catch someone’s attention. After much thinking, sketching and debating the final creation was “Air of the City”; the city and Mother Nature combined – two opposing entities that make a whole complete. This idea was satisfying to all group members and constructing it gave us a chance to explore with different materials. We first thought that creating a broken heart with the city on one side, and nature on the other was our initial idea. Then with additional thinking, we concluded that instead of the heart idea, we should form a lung. The spilt lung would represent how one side would be able to function better to do its clean air – the nature side. And how the other side would be able to function, but not as well or clear- the city side.

10 Now the environmental intention that is represented in this sculpture is how our city must balance itself. With the cutting of trees, wasting of water and energy, allowing factories to pollute for sometimes over 24 hours, and littering of garbage there is no way earth can balance itself. We created this sculpture to be split into two parts, showing two ends of the lungs. This was done to represent how we are loosing clean oxygen when we are in the polluted city – this symbolizes the city side. On the other hand, we are gaining more clean air when trees surround us; this is shown by the other half of the lung, which symbolizes the nature side. Due to the cutting down of trees and increased killing of nature to make more room for more buildings, offices, and houses, you can imagine how enclosed the fields of nature are. We chose lungs because they can’t function properly without fresh air, but as people living in today’s society we can’t live without our city and cars and our material items. These are only some of the things humans strive for today, and without them it causes many to go obsessive. Earth cannot balance itself without our help, by either planting more nature or using resources when necessary. We have to remember these resources are gifts given to us to use, not to waste. In conclusion, the most important aspect for this group was to get our point across clearly and effectively. We want the city officials, or any viewers, to remember our artistry and innovation that was created with the same passion. The passion for our stunning city and our breath-taking nature to be made as one. When they leave the class we don’t want a top-prize or reward, only that they still have our piece in their minds slowly forming new ideas that might strike a new formation in our area. That is the greatest compliment any group could strive for during this assignment.

11 POP UP BOOK Camille Pascual

12 Nowadays, we are using up most of our resources, producing too much garbage and polluting one of our most important resources; water. I was inspired by the beautiful surroundings that we see everyday; the trees, clean air and water. Because these things are slowly becoming destroyed, abused and polluted, I thought that I should create a sculpture that can raise awareness of the harm we are doing to our Earth. I believe that a city such as Mississauga has the power to make a change. Many people in our city have the potential and are willing to help and do anything to make our community a better place, in terms of being environmentally friendly. Therefore, the sculpture I created is a pop-up book that consists of my vision of our city, Mississauga, in the future. The purpose of the book is to symbolize the open-minded people of our city. It distinguishes the past and the future. The great ideas that our people have come up with are held within the book. As you can see, there is a mix of both positive and negative things on the pop-up book. The left side of the book clearly shows negativity. There is polluted water, cars polluting our air, and trees cut down. This scenario symbolizes what we have been doing to our city in the past. However, the right side of the book shows positive images. It is my point of view of our city in the future. From cars, we see more bike routes, because many of the people in our community, specifically the youth, have resorted to bicycles to get around instead of using cars. Clean, less- polluted water is also visible, as well as a tree that has not been cut down. The stones in the back shows that we have had hope, kept our faith and believed in ourselves into bringing our goals to a success. And lastly, the pair of hands holding the earth shows that not only have we been taking care of our city, but we have also been taking care of the earth.

13 The bandage represents the pain we have caused, however, we as a city are concerned and will continue to go out of our way to contribute and help in every way we can. Despite all the negative things shown, there are still some positive things visible. The idea of my sculpture is to raise awareness of what is happening to our world. If people see the negative images in the book, then it is possible for them to become motivated and take responsibilities of their actions. The materials I needed were mostly clay, to make certain things such as the hands. I also used water, cardboard and Styrofoam. An ordinary book consists of ideas and pictures; therefore, I chose to use a book as part of my sculpture so that it could highlight the negative and positive things that I see of our world in my mind. I tried to emphasize the positive images by painting it with brighter, livelier colours and by making the negative images look dull with unappealing colours. This idea is important to our city because I believe that we will continue to strive to succeed in becoming a better city, and at the same time, we are taking good care of our resources. In 40 years, I see Mississauga as a peaceful and more appealing place to live in, because of all the improvements we have taken into consideration.


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