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Earth Day Do you know what this holiday means? By: Zach Beckenhaupt.

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2 Earth Day Do you know what this holiday means? By: Zach Beckenhaupt

3 Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day is an event celebrated on April 22. On this day many events are held throughout the world. In fact over 192 countries celebrate this holiday. In 1969 at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco, John McConnell proposed a day to honor Earth. It was first celebrated on March 21, 1970. Soon however the United States wanted this holiday to represent the start of the environmental movement in 1970. Most people celebrate this holiday by cleaning up trash or litter that is harmful to Earth. Others join environmental groups or they just take care of earth. Some ways you can help are by planting trees or helping endangered species. Orlando is celebrating Earth Day in many ways. Kennedy Space Center celebrates the holiday with special exhibits and an appearance by NASA astronaut Story Musgrave. Other citizens eat light dinners and hold events in local parks to increase the amount of trees and plants.

4 Environmental Issues Environmental issues we face today can be harmful tomorrow. Lets take a look at some issues and see how you can help!! 1. Global Warming- Climate change is a big problem everywhere. In fact carbon pollution is the main reason our planet is getting hotter, increasing the chances of weather disasters, drought, floods, and hurting our health. Carbon pollution occurs when fossil fuels are being burned. We need to make a way to clean the air of fossil fuels being burned or global warming will just get worse. If it does continue to get worse, there we be local fires everywhere and our health will be at risk. 2. Protecting Oceans- Think about this topic. Everything in this huge body of water has a purpose and people don’t pay attention to this. Overfishing and killing wildlife ruins the ocean. With pollution marine life will get sick and die and what will happen then? In the artic, ice is melting and soon whales will not know where to migrate, the whales will die. And when the ice melts life will not be able to thrive in parts of the world, the eco-system will be off balance. Also if the ice all melts it will flood the land, when the world isn’t ready. 3. Clean energy source- We need more clean energy. We shouldn’t use a lot of fossil fuels since when they are burned, it causes many unhealthy problems. We can use wind, solar-power, bio-energy, geothermal energy, and water. These are clean and friendly to the environment and health. Since different energy sources work in different places, it may be hard to make clean energy. You can save energy by turning off lights and taking a break from your TV. So do a favor you’re the environment and save energy since our resources may be limited.

5 How We Can Help Clean the Earth In my opinion, I think most environmental issues are bad, but we can fix them all. It is important to save and protect the environment since it holds all life and resources we depend on. We should stop littering and taking advantage of the environment. Earth needs your helps, so here are some ways you can help while having fun!! (No need to thank me for these ideas.) We can save energy, eat light dinners some nights, take a break from your car and bike or walk, or even grow a garden. There are many ways you can help the environment. Earth is an enjoyable place and I'm sure will agree… Happy Earth Day!!!

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