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10 Steps to Recommit to a Healthier Happier Life A look at your inner Vitality.

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1 10 Steps to Recommit to a Healthier Happier Life A look at your inner Vitality

2 Flip the Switch You are in the drivers seat You are the Master of you own destiny Does life lead you? You can change your life by paying attention and doing 10 simple things to get different results!

3 What is Vitality? What does it mean to you? Definition of vitality (n) vi·tal·i·ty liveliness: abundant physical and mental energy, usually combined with a wholehearted and joyous approach to situations and activities durability: the ability of something to live and grow or to continue in existence vital principle: the nonmaterial force that, according to vitalism, distinguishes the living from the nonliving Synonyms: energy, vivacity, liveliness, strength, life, vigor, animation, buoyance, verve, get-up-and-go,energyvivacitystrengthlife vigoranimationverveget-up-and-go

4 The10 ways to Recommit to a Healthier You #1 Energy These are the things we do not #2 Spirit do for ourselves! #3 Action We only think to do this for #4 Create other people. #5 Listen #6 Nurture self We nurture our children and #7 Diet our friends and others… #8 Move #9 Connected We disconnect ourselves from #10 Release our values – daily.

5 How to be your own kind of Beautiful What others perceive Do you believe everything everyone says? Do you let others make you feel badly about yourself? Do people tend to criticize you and say passive aggressive comments? What you believe Are you able to rise above others to accomplish your goals? Do you have a sense of self worth? Can you shut out harshness and realize many things said are based in jealous behavior?

6 Replenish Your Energy Play, Garden, Laugh, Indulge, Nap Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert your batteries need to be recharged

7 Care for your Spirit Work on cleansing your mind and body Day to day stress leaves us overwhelmed STOP and CLEAR your mental burdens

8 You Must take Action Be authentic Be passionate Be grateful Ask what are you doing not to get what you want? Ask yourself, “what do I need to start doing to change the game?”

9 Become the Star in Your Life

10 Learn how to Create Creating requires an open mind and an open heart. The heart is intuitive and send out more information than the brain. No One thinks about being a part of the Universe ( you think about you as if alone in a tiny space) You can create your own reality. We are all connected to one another. “ The Field” By Lynne McTaggart In her book she suggests that research shows that illness is caused by a sense of isolation; and most toxic of all is our tendency to pit ourselves against each other.

11 Learn to Listen Active listening, in contrast, requires you to “get inside” the speaker’s head so that you can understand the communication from their point of view. As an active listener, you try to understand what the speaker wants to communicate rather than what you want to understand Passive listener In passive listening, you’re like a recorder. You absorb the information given.

12 Find time for the Nurturing of You What’s your ideal form of relaxation? Acupuncture reflexology Work outs Spa days w alone or with a friend Reading a book Sitting on deck On the beach

13 Work to improve your diet and digestion Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate Eating well / clean eating

14 Move Just move If you are like me that may be a hard concept to incorporate in your everyday life. I decided to buy a bike for the living room so that I could daily commit to a healthier life style

15 Stay Connected Stay connected with family and friends Use the Internet Skype etc to stay connected with the ones you love

16 Vitality Snatchers- People Negative people can harm your vitality When you realize that you MUST release these people from your life, you have then gained control and taken positive steps to abundance and good health.

17 Vitality Snatchers- Environment Toxic work environments Toxic bosses Toxic fellow employees Toxic home/ dirty/clutter

18 Vitality Snatchers - Addictions Spending money/ shopping Food What is your addiction?

19 Feel free to Release Release what does not enhance your life Release whomever does not enhance your life Reevaluate what is working and what brings you joy Keep Vitality a daily thought and surround yourself with positive fulfilling people

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