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@minto (Co-operative Education & Academic Programmes Edition) Copyright © 2000 – 2006 IntactSoft CC.

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1 @minto (Co-operative Education & Academic Programmes Edition) Copyright © 2000 – 2006 IntactSoft CC

2 2 Introduction @minto (pronounced as 'adminto') is software for the tertiary division that has additional or exceptional needs, e.g. handling placement, service learning or internships (or other types of experiential training); adhering to the requirements of a professional board, doing programme-specific record-keeping or correspondence; monitoring students progress in an academic programme, etc. This presentation gives an overview of the Co-operative Education & Academic Programmes Edition of @minto.

3 3 Using @ minto The software is web-based and could be used on the Intranet of an organisation or over the Internet. This allows for using the system from your office or remote locations. @minto is flexible and will fit into a variety of academic administrative models. As the software runs in a web browser it is already geared towards use in mobile computing.

4 4 The Student Record The system enables the capturing of basic student information. About 50 data items are captured in this regard. These include: Student number, Surname, Maiden name, Given names, National identification number, Nationality, Professional body number, Indemnity organization, Employer information, Employment sector, etc. Only a few of these items are compulsory to add. Some of the items can be customised to reflect your disciplines and/or your countrys detail. A record can be kept of the communication with the student. General comments may also be stored. These could be used for progress reports, performance appraisals, to report incidents, etc. @minto also allows for keeping record of proof of payments.

5 5 The Student Record Continued Placement information could be recorded. @minto allows for keeping record of a students absences from classes and placements. A complete record can be maintained of the academic programmes into which a student enrolls. This will reflect all the modules (courses) of the student and their results. @minto keeps record of the amount of credits obtained in a programme and also allows for awarding exemption or credit for prior learning.

6 6 Academic Programmes Academic modules and academic programmes can be defined. For each programme a curriculum could be entered. This is used when modules are added to a students record. @minto allows for variations of programmes and offers flexibility with the application to students records, if necessary.

7 7 Institution Information @minto allows you to capture information regarding the institutions (centres, companies, etc) that serve as venues for the placements. The information that could be recorded include: Name of institution, Contact person at that institution, Names of sub divisions where students could be placed, Type of experience that student will obtain at a certain sub division, etc. This information is used to facilitate the placement process, as well as the communication of the placements to the institutions.

8 8 Communicating Placement Info Use @minto to generate reports to communicate the placements to the institutions and the students. These reports could be printed from the browser or carried over to a word processor for further manipulation, printing or electronic distribution. The system could also generate a framework for publishing the placements on the Internet or Intranet.

9 9 Reports The systems reports make your life easier: A general report reflects a students experience (broken down into the various experience areas and measured in the time unit chosen by you), comments on a students record, etc. A placement report reflects all the placements of a student. Statistical reports provide information on students origin, employment sectors, ages, gender, marital status, etc. Academic reports help to identify the students that have enough credits to obtain a qualification, determine the students that will get a qualification with distinction and list the final results of a module.

10 10 Correspondence @minto has a powerful facility that allows you to define and customise letters and correspondence that you use frequently. You may refer to a large set of database items in the correspondence and the software will automatically insert the right data, when the correspondence is generated. Some letters are integrated in the systems functions, e.g. to notify a student when you granted her exemption for a module. @minto will offer to generate such letters, where applicable. These letters can also be customised, if necessary.

11 11 Miscellaneous Functionalities @ minto provides for up to 6 year groups (1 st year, 2 nd year, etc). It also has an archive. As such the information of ex-students is still available when needed. The software could be customised for a variety of countries and disciplines. The system provides for two types of users: one with complete functionality and one with limited functionality. Multiple users can use the software simultaneously. The system makes use of password protection.

12 12 Contact IntactSoft Website: Email: Phone: 083 - 3918215

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