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@minto (Co-operative Education Edition) Copyright © 2000 – 2006 IntactSoft CC.

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1 @minto (Co-operative Education Edition) Copyright © 2000 – 2006 IntactSoft CC

2 2 Introduction C linical placements are widely used in the higher education. @minto (pronounced as Adminto) is software aimed at the administration of clinical placements, internships, etc. This presentation gives an overview of the Co-operative Education Edition of @minto.

3 3 Using @ minto The software is web-based and could be used on the Intranet of an organization or over the Internet. This allows for using the system from your office or remote locations. @minto is flexible and will fit into a variety of academic administrative models. As the software runs in a web browser it is already geared towards use in mobile computing.

4 4 The Student Record The system enables the capturing of demographic information. About 30 data fields are captured in this regard. These include: Student number, Surname (Last name), Maiden name, Given names, Social security number, Nationality, National council (/State board) registration number, Indemnity (liability insurance) organization, etc. Only a few of these fields are compulsory to add. This allows you to only use the fields that are relevant to you. Some of the fields could be customized to reflect your disciplines and countrys detail. Clinical placement information could be recorded. General comments may also be stored. These could be used for evaluation reports, progress reports, to record incidents, etc. @minto also allows for keeping record of a students absences from classes and absences from clinical placements.

5 5 Institution Information @minto allows you to capture information regarding the institutions (centers, organizations, hospitals, etc) that serve as venues for the clinical placements. Information recorded include: Name of institution, Contact person, Names of relevant sub divisions, Type of clinical experience that students will obtain at each sub division, etc. This information is used to facilitate the placement process, as well as the communication thereof to the institutions and students.

6 6 Communicating Placement Info Use @minto to generate reports to communicate the clinical placements to the centers, and to the students. These reports could be printed from the browser or carried over to a word processor for further manipulation, printing or electronic distribution. The system could also generate a framework for publishing the clinical placements on the Internet or Intranet.

7 7 Reports The systems reports make your life easier: A general report reflects a students clinical experience (broken down into the various clinical experience areas and measured in the time unit chosen by you), comments on a students record, etc. A placement report reflects all the clinical placements of a student. The statistical report provides some statistics, e.g. the number of students of each gender per year group, etc.

8 8 Miscellaneous Functionalities @minto provides for up to 6 year groups (1 st year, 2 nd year, etc). It also has an archive. As such the information of ex-students is still available when needed. The software could be customized for a variety of countries and disciplines. The system provides for two types of users: one with complete functionality and one with limited functionality. Multiple users could use the software simultaneously. Access is controlled by user ID/password combinations. You will be able to register your users.

9 9 Imagine … Doing the administration of your clinical placements with web-based, centralized database software that allows access to the staff and/or faculty members of your choice!!!

10 10 Contact IntactSoft Website: Email: Mobile: +27 – (0) – 83 - 3918215 (in South Africa)

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