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Management and monitoring based on the results Applied to Monitoring and Evaluation System(MES)

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1 Management and monitoring based on the results Applied to Monitoring and Evaluation System(MES)

2 RESULTS CHAIN Programming, management and decision making reflect the result to be achieved. There is a relationship between the Expected Result and planned interventions. All available human and financial resources must contribute to the planned interventions for achieving the expected results. Monitoring is focused on achieving results and impacts defined and measurable through objectively verifiable indicators. The results chain is intended to establish a logical relationship between the results at different levels of programming, which guarantees that all the Organization's resources are devoted to achieving the expected results

3 RESULTS CHAIN(2) A result is a change of state describable and measurable of a relation of cause and effect induced by an activity. In the chain of results, there is a "transformation process “ of resources for achieving expected results compound as follows : – Operation – Activity – Results – Purpose – Using – Direct result – Indirect result. At the bottom of the chain, we have the activities and operations : implementation of human and financial resources. The activity creates a “Result and Purpose" that contribute to achieve the results Which will be measured by reference and performance indicators. But whose production is subject to Assumption.

4 Example of results chain OPERATION Planning of human and financial resources to realize an activity Ex : Recruitment of consultants to train facilitators for the environment ACTIVITY : Set of operations Ex : Train facilitators, support Concerted meetings, develop outreach methods Result and Purpose short-term results of the activities available i n the form of goods and services Ex : Innovative approach in the Information-Education- Communication Environmental Using How the target groups / projects use th e product to get the result Ex : Include in the school curriculum of environmental education direct/indirect results Environmental issues are more considered in society at national, regional and local Ex :Reliable information is used for planning and management of sector The results chain draws on the transformation process Reference indicators Resource Planning

5 MEASURING RESULTS Each result (purpose, use, result) describes a state change concrete, visible and measurable, induced by the activity The Results should describe how a given situation will evolve compared the current state of affairs. Each result is characterized by its indicators and its assumption.

6 Structure of results Chain in MES The Structure of "direct / indirect results “, "using ", “pupose", in MES is flexible, each level can be created without prior dependence with other elements of the chain. A purpose / result is obtained by a set of activities. An activity is a set of operations It is in level of an operation that we makes the planning of human resources and financial resources.

7 Definitions Indirect & direct results : the final impacts of project activities Using: How the target groups/projects use the product to get the Results. Result/Purpose of results chain: the short-term result of activities available to target groups and projects as goods and services. Indicators : allow describe / measure results achieved at each level of the chain relative to a reference value.

8 Definitions Activities : actions undertaken in the project. They mobilize resources and are limited in time: start and end date Operation : it is a sub-activity through which one is planning human and financial resources to realize an activity. Responsible : in MES, they are persons who are responsible for the content of information on their responsibility in the projects

9 Taking account of the financial and human resources The financial and human resources are organized to plan operations. The sum of the operations budget allows to realise an activity. We made ​​a budget estimate for each operation on budget items. For example : – Human ressources – Consultant – Purchase / Procurement – Travel – Other costs

10 Budget programming with MES Global Budget : is the budget available from each donor. It is defined for the duration of the entire project. Annual Budget : it's the budget planning for one year. During planning of the annual budget, the budget estimates were made ​​for each result Then by activity and operation.

11 The summary reports Monitoring is focused on two main axes Monitoring indicators of results chains – Monitoring operations For results indicators, we can follow to have the rate of achievement of objectives for each level of result chain following the evolution of the indicators (see next slide) For monitoring operations, we follow the status of activities and operations : – Ongoing – Completed – Canceled

12 Achievement rate of each level of results chain

13 Monitoring of operations or activities following their status

14 Summary reports Reports are easily customizable with MES, we must provide the type of relationship with the desired data and integrate the system administrator in MES The system administrator can set up tasks for automatic sending of the situations on the evolution of the operations or activities for each level of Results. For example, – Sending automatic mail with every change of state of a level of result chain to an actors concerned – Automatic sending mail the list of operations that must be completed during the week – sending automatic mail list of Operations that are overdue – ….

15 Advantage with using of MES SSE is optimal when used in COMMUNITY. MES supports different roles for users Consultation, adding and analysis of information are made COLLABORATIVELY Using of decentralized information. Possibility of using the system in local network or stand-alone Consolidate all information into a central database. Accessibility of information can be made in stand-alone or local network or via the Internet connection by the concerned persons Allow the use of the Internet for access to information, the encoding and analysis of information

16 Essay with SSE Start with a web browser with address List of default password RoleLoginpassword Can generate and edit all the elements of the results chain util1 Can generate and edit data from activitiesutil2 Edit / insert + add useradmin Consultation datavisiteur Can generate and edit entries concerning the financial data util6

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