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ORGANISATION OF SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEURS. 12/17/2014 2 CONTENTS 1.UNIZO’s Mission 2.Profile of UNIZO’s MembersUNIZO’s MissionProfile of UNIZO’s Members.

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Presentation on theme: "ORGANISATION OF SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEURS. 12/17/2014 2 CONTENTS 1.UNIZO’s Mission 2.Profile of UNIZO’s MembersUNIZO’s MissionProfile of UNIZO’s Members."— Presentation transcript:


2 12/17/2014 2 CONTENTS 1.UNIZO’s Mission 2.Profile of UNIZO’s MembersUNIZO’s MissionProfile of UNIZO’s Members 3.UNIZO Works Geographically 4.UNIZO Works Via Target Groups 5.UNIZO Works Via Sectors 6.UNIZO Works Around Themes 7.UNIZO Events 8.UNIZO MembershipUNIZO Works GeographicallyUNIZO Works Via Target GroupsUNIZO Works Via SectorsUNIZO Works Around ThemesUNIZO EventsUNIZO Membership

3 12/17/2014 3 UNIZO’S MISSION UNIZO is the independent organization of and for self-employed entrepreneurs who run a business at their own risk and using their own resources. UNIZO aims to unite, advise and inform entrepreneurs as well as to promote their socio- economic and societal interests.

4 12/17/2014 4 UNIZO’S MISSION of and for self- employed entrepreneurs Anyone who runs a business at their own risk and using their own resources is welcome at UNIZO Starters, one-man businesses, growth SMEs, liberal professions Active in the local, regional or international market From all sectors The entrepreneurs themselves run the organization Local associations of entrepreneurs UNIZO regions UNIZO national

5 12/17/2014 5 UNIZO’S MISSION Unite, advise and inform Unite Trainings and information sessions Networking and activities Advise UNIZO 24/7 Service Centre Personal advise at regional offices Inform A network of websites, newsletters and magazines keeps the UNIZO members up-to-date on a daily basis.

6 12/17/2014 6 UNIZO’S MISSION Promote socio- economic and societal interests UNIZO represents self-employed entrepreneurs wherever their interests are at stake Lobbying with political leaders and administrations Representations in numerous consultative bodies - High Council for Self-Employed Persons and SMEs (Hoge Raad voor de Zelfstandige en de KMO) - Council for Consumption (Raad voor Verbruik) As a social partner: - at the federal level in the GROUP OF 10 (GROEP VAN 10) - at the Flemish level in the SERV In municipalities, Flanders, Brussels, Belgium and Europe

7 12/17/2014 7 UNIZO’S MISSION Promote socio- economic and societal interests Positive proposals aimed at securing and improving the position of self-employed entrepreneurs Equal pension and disability insurance Social protection in the event of payment difficulties and bankruptcy Good financing possibilities An agile government at the service of entrepreneurs - company friendly and transparent taxes - no excessive paperwork - one unique enterprise counter A smaller difference between gross and net salary Strengthening of local commercial hubs More and better equipped SME areas

8 12/17/2014 8 PROFILE OF UNIZO’S MEMBERS By sector 32%: Hotel and catering/garages/wholesale and retail 23%: Construction 22%: Liberal professions/real estate 5%: Services/banks/insurance companies: 5%: Metal/chemical 4%: Food/textile 11%: Other Entrepreneurs who build a business at their own risk, using their own capital By staff 39%: no staff 35%: 1 to 4 staff 16%: 5 to 20 staff 4%: 20 to 49 staff 2%: more than 50 staff 4%: not known

9 12/17/2014 9 UNIZO WORKS GEOGRAPHICALLY 278 local associations of entrepreneurs Voluntary deployment of 3,800 entrepreneurs Networking and promotion of interests at the local level Actions: - information and training initiatives - networking for entrepreneurs - promotion of the local economy - studies and surveys

10 12/17/2014 10 UNIZO WORKS GEOGRAPHICALLY 11 UNIZO regions with 23 regional offices First-line advice to all entrepreneurs Networking and promotion of interests at the regional level Enterprise counters and guidance for starters Support for local associations of entrepreneurs

11 12/17/2014 11 UNIZO WORKS GEOGRAPHICALLY National secretariat in Brussels Managing director and staff HRM, Finance and ICT UNIZO Training Department Marketing and Product Development Department Communication and Media Department Study Department Sector Operation Department Target Group Operation Department

12 12/17/2014 12 UNIZO WORKS VIA TARGET GROUPS 1.Candidate Starters knowledge platform, advice, online guidance, starter mail Information sessions, textbooks, … Flemish Starters Day (reaches 5,000 candidate- starters) 2. Starters (0-2 years) Starter pass with benefits god-parenthood project through monthly meetings with an experienced entrepreneur Experience sharing and information sessions

13 12/17/2014 13 UNIZO WORKS VIA TARGET GROUPS 3.Growth Companies SME Contact: - SME information sessions and conferences - experience sharing through round-table discussions and company visits - network activities and contact drinks - SME Contact Pass UNIZO Enterprise Coach - god-parenthood project: monthly meetings with an experienced entrepreneur - information folders and online tools - HRM Coach, Quality Coach, Energy Coach, Takeover Coach etc.

14 12/17/2014 14 UNIZO WORKS VIA SECTORS 113 affiliated sector organizations 95 sector organizations from industry, construction, distribution, agri-food, services and electro-technical professions FVIB: umbrella of 18 sector organizations of liberal and intellectual professions Two affiliation options integration: affiliation with both the sector and UNIZO via a single membership fee association: the sector organization remains independent from UNIZO UNIZO supports the sectors by: defending their interests with the government and at social consultations giving legal advice and information offering sector trainings: e.g. Construction Coach, Retail Coach, … supporting the secretariat

15 12/17/2014 15 UNIZO WORKS AROUND THEMES 1.Doing Business Internationally Trainings in export management and export formalities Collaboration projects: Go North, Grenswijzer, … International luncheons: A taste-of-business 2. Proper Management Buysse Code: code of conduct for adequate management 3.Doing Business in a Socially Responsible Way (DBSRW) Training, information sessions and publications ‘MVO Loont’ (‘DBSRW pays off’): support for implementation

16 12/17/2014 16 UNIZO WORKS AROUND THEMES 4. Takeover/handover online trade platform advice, training and experience sharing 5. Education & Entrepreneurship Learning enterprises in schools Suitcase full of Entrepreneurship Vocational expert’s route UNIZO Enterprising School Award 6. Psychological help for self-employed entrepreneurs help for bankrupts career coaching

17 12/17/2014 17 UNIZO WORKS AROUND THEMES 7. Job Channel Extra recruitment channel for disadvantaged groups (ethnic minorities, people aged 50 and over, the disabled) 8.UNIZO Crisis Coach Recession survival kit Positive solutions to weather the recession Recipes for financing, personnel management, energy policy, marketing, government support etc. Inspiring examples of successful entrepreneurs Information sessions and activities

18 12/17/2014 18 UNIZO EVENTS Day of the Customer Self-employed entrepreneurs thank their customers for the trust Expert’s route Flemish Starters Day Information day for candidate-starters 5,000 visitors in five Flemish provinces Awards SME laureate = election of SME of the year ‘SME for Kyoto’ Ambassador= doing business in an energy- and environment- conscious way Enterprising School Award Week of the Entrepreneur 2009 theme: Week of the female entrepreneur Ring your bell on the way to the shop Annual campaign to promote shopping while riding bicycles

19 12/17/2014 19 ADVANTAGES OF THE UNIZO MEMBERSHIP Free annual subscription to: UNIZO Entrepreneurs Net - national portal site - theme-based websites - regional sites and division sites - daily news, advice and online tools UNIZO Advice & News - biweekly electronic newsletter Z.O. Magazine - biweekly business magazine for the self-employed entrepreneur - biggest business magazine in Flanders Entrepreneur TV - weekly video reports at and

20 12/17/2014 20 ADVANTAGES OF THE UNIZO MEMBERSHIP Free Advice UNIZO Service Centre (24/7) Personal advice at regional offices Free tools Model letters and contract UNIZO collection service for unpaid invoices domain name and website ‘personal finance’ entrepreneurs guide Discounts Trainings and events Base business subscription Holiday camps ‘Sporta’ and ‘Idee Kids’ Etc.

21 UNIZO 8 Spastraat 1000 BRUSSELS Tel: 078 35 39 39 Fax: 02 230 93 54 E-mail: Website:

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