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Employers and employability Terence Perrin Chairman Association of Graduate Recruiters – AGR.

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1 Employers and employability Terence Perrin Chairman Association of Graduate Recruiters – AGR

2 Agenda Introduction to AGR Recruitment landscape - key findings from latest AGR salary and vacancies survey Defining employability What employers look for in graduates How the university sector can help to address the skills gap

3 About the AGR Founded 1968 – not for profit membership organisation Set the agenda for change in graduate recruitment and development 800+ members (FTSE 100, Public Sector, Charities, Universities and Suppliers) recruiting c.30,000 graduates annually Services – research, training, conferences, information and advice, networking and representation

4 UK Median starting salaries by sector - 2010 Investment bank or fund managers£38,250 Law firm£37,000 Banking or financial services£29,000 Consulting or business services firm£28,500 IT / Telecommunications company£26,000 FMCG company£25,500 Public sector£25,000 Energy, water or utility company£25,000 Chemical or pharmaceutical company£25,000 Insurance company£25,000 Accountancy or professional services firm£24,750 Retail£24,000 Transport or logistics company£24,000 Engineering or industrial company£24,000 Construction company or consultancy£23,000 Other£23,000

5 Changes in vacancies by business sector

6 Graduate vacancies – the last 10 years 8.9% -8.9% 0.6% 12.7% 5.1% 15.5% -3.4% -6.5% 14.6% 14.7% -15.0%-10.0%-5.0%0.0%5.0%10.0%15.0%20.0% 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000

7 Same volume – 37% More graduates – 50% Fewer graduates – 13% Latest news – UK hiring predictions for 2011

8 Shortfall in meeting 2010 recruitment targets

9 What do we mean by employability? No such thing as a career path. Its crazy paving and you have to lay it yourself A degree is merely a license to hunt. Hire for attitude first and specific skills second – Winter and DiRonualdo – Manifesto for the New Age Workforce The ability to get a job, do it well and then get another job

10 What do employers look for in graduates? A good degree plus……. Previous experience A good job application Employability skills - specific skills for the job - generic work skills Personal attributes – all about self Summary – everything….and more!

11 What can universities do to improve employability? Make the university experience be more like the world of work Engage with students from day one if not before Encourage students to gain work experience Help students to reflect on what they have learnt Embed employability in the curriculum Employer engagement Build an effective careers guidance service Provide tough love

12 Why stakeholders should work together Higher Education – meeting student expectations, prevent disillusionment, improve participation and widen access, enhance institutional reputation Students – better, most satisfying careers Employers – more efficient recruitment, avoid shortfalls, more effective contribution to business success

13 Final thought…. To be employed is to be at risk; to be employable is to be secure


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