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Solutions for IT Sales Teams TRACK on IT A Division of Technology Sales Resource

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1 Solutions for IT Sales Teams TRACK on IT A Division of Technology Sales Resource

2 TRACK on IT Overview First sales automation designed exclusively for IT sales teams ASP solution for easy implementation, access Intuitive screens and simple steps allow for quick implementation Lead updates, calendar, reminder functions help salespeople Lead tracking, forecasting and ROI analysis give sales managers better overview of sales activities

3 TRACK on IT Features Web-Based Lead Management & Tracking Distribute, track and reassign leads in real time via the web Manage multiple marketing campaigns Import/Download customized mailing lists ASP model provides for low-cost monthly solution Data-driven Decision Making Analyze ROI from marketing campaigns Download highly targeted mailing lists for new campaigns Produce powerful call back, lead aging and forecast reports Simplified data import/export to populate and analyze your data Intelligent Communication Set automatic e-mail notification for leads that are reassigned or if leads are not followed up in a timely manner Gather and analyze feedback on leads from field reps

4 Demonstration Outline Presentation will highlight functions for: Sales Team Updating leads Calendar Call reminders Marketing Library Sales Management Lead tracking Sales forecasting ROI analysis Users log into TRACK on IT from

5 Salesperson Functions Welcome Screen Contact Entry Updating Leads Calendar Marketing/Sales Collateral Library

6 TRACK on IT Welcome Screen ASP screens personalized with your company logo “My Call Backs” provide daily reminders for calls and tasks due Simple user menu takes user to specific functions

7 Lead Information Form Create a company profile, and add multiple contacts within the form Sales process and probability based on proven business rules from IT sales Lead forms include technology-specific fields to make updates in seconds

8 Making Updates Takes Only Seconds Drop down menus help you update lead status Ability to set reminders that pop up on welcome screen and emailed to you Simple text field to add updates and comments

9 Calendar Tracks Appointments, Tasks In addition to lead reminders, can set events on calendar Able to export event listings and reminders into Microsoft Outlook, or have reminders emailed to you

10 Marketing and Sales Library Salespeople can access marketing collateral, proposal templates and other documents from a single source Able to create multiple folders, store documents of any kind in library

11 Sales Management Functions Assigning Leads Tracking Leads Sales Forecasting ROI Analysis

12 Assigning & Tracking Leads When you receive a new lead, click “assign” to give to a particular salesperson Drop down menu with all salespeople allow you to assign lead in seconds Manager sets number of days to follow up on lead. If no action taken, lead returns to manager – ensures leads don’t slip through the crack

13 Sales Forecasting & Reporting Forecast gives up-to-date snapshot of sales activities Using standard rules for probability, get accurate forecast to measure revenues Able to download, print and email all reports

14 ROI Analysis & Custom Reporting Ability to generate pre-made and custom reports in seconds Uncover best sources for leads Confirm leads are followed up

15 Schedule Live Demonstration Today Schedule a live demonstration with TSR 30-45 minute session to review features and functions Allow you to work with TRACK on IT application first hand Discuss your firm’s needs to see if you qualify for free 30-day trial Call 877.639.7252 or use our convenient contact form contact formcontact form

16 Thank You! TRACK on IT A Division of Technology Sales Resource

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