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Electronic Shipment Notification “Best in Class”.

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1 Electronic Shipment Notification “Best in Class”

2 Agenda Overview How it works How does it affect the terminals Using Electronic Shipment Notification

3 Overview What is Shipment Notification? Electronic Shipment Notification is an electronic Bill of Lading that will allow our customers to electronically notify Central of shipments to be picked up. Shipment Notification uses EDI - Electronic Data Interchange - as a way to allow Business-to-Business communication through computer networks. Customers can continue to telephone or fax pick-up requests but now have the additional option of electronic notification.

4 How It Works Customer generates Bill of Lading on their computer. Customer transmits request to CFL Headquarters. Origin Station is determined based on City, State, and Zip Code.

5 Using Shipment Notification Select CONSIST from the CICS menu Log on to CICS and type an X next to CONSIST

6 Using Shipment Notification CONSIST Menu Press PF12 for Shipment Notification

7 Using Shipment Notification To display pick-up requests for your terminal, enter station # Enter Station Number and Press ENTER

8 Using Shipment Notification To view pick-up request, type X in select column & press ENTER Type an X to select a Shipment & Press ENTER

9 Using Shipment Notification This screen displays the information about the pick-up. # of Pieces, Description, & Weight of Items to Pick-Up Shipper Name & Address # of Pieces, Description, & Weight of Items to Pick-Up Press PF9 to return to previous screen

10 Using Shipment Notification To Dispatch the pick-up, enter the driver employee # & press PF4 Driver Employee # After pressing PF4

11 Using Shipment Notification Following entry of driver #, notification screen shows D - Dispatched

12 Using Shipment Notification To enter the Freight Bill number, reselect by typing X and press ENTER Type X & press ENTER

13 Using Shipment Notification Tab to Freight Bill #, type the FB #, and Press PF4 Type the Freight Bill # & press PF4

14 Using Shipment Notification The Bill of Lading will now be sent to Billing When returning to this screen notice that the previous BOL is no longer displayed

15 Using Shipment Notification Tab to Driver #. Enter value. Enter Freight Bill #. Press F4 Freight Bill # and Driver # can also be updated from notification screen.

16 Using Shipment Notification Now this Pick-up is sent to Synergy Billing After pressing F4 the screen will indicate updated.

17 Using Shipment Notification No more notifications are available for this terminal. Both pick-ups have been dispatched and picked up. No more notifications are available

18 Using Shipment Notification When Freight Bill number is entered, the request for pick-up is removed from screen Information is reformatted so it can be loaded into the Synergy Billing System BOL should be stamped to indicate that it is EDI –Stamp will tell billing clerks to use EDI option in Synergy

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