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Creating a New Shipment Overview

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1 Creating a New Shipment Overview
Login to: - then click on NEW SHIPMENT button and simply follow the enclosed directions Or Call: 866.NLMI.COM ( ) Information for Shipment Creation: Origin: Chrysler supplier code or plant code, address, contact information, phone number, address, close time Destination: Chrysler supplier or plant code, address, contact information, phone number, address Shipment ready time at origin Shipment need and protect time at destination Pieces, weight and dimensions Commodity – i.e. production parts

2 Accessing shipment information without logging into NLM’s Website:
Enter in the NLM shipment Number you wish to view DRILC Login is: 00143 Password: 00143DCX

3 Accessing and Initial Login
Obtaining Username & Password or Accessing and Initial Login Facility Login: Facility Password:

4 Accessing and Initial Login Into NLM’s Website:
Select your name from the drop down menu Personal password

5 On-Line Customer Application:
Main desktop function selection page Track shipments Search for a specific shipment Enter a new shipment

6 Creating a New Shipment:
Origin & Destination Locations: Enter Chrysler plant or supplier code OR location city OR location address. Click the Find Location button. Select the desired location. NOTE: Using the plant or supplier code will minimize the chance of selecting the wrong location.

7 Creating a New Shipment:
Verify the correct location has been selected Select correct Consignee contact name Select correct Shipper contact name If the contact names are not found, please select “See Note” and then type the contact information into the shipment notes field below.

8 Creating a New Shipment:
Part 3 of Creating a New Shipment Select the correct: Payment term Haz-mat – Y or N? Commodity type Click calendar to select the date and time the freight will be ready Click the calendar to select the date and time the origin facility is open until and time of the shipment’s protect

9 Creating a New Shipment:
Summary of shipment detail you have entered thus far. Enter Part Number and Piece Count, click ADD. Enter additional part numbers and pieces, then click ADD after each entry before moving to Container section Enter Quantity per Part Number, Weight, Length, Width, Height, Commodity type and if each Part is or isn’t Stackable. Click ADD. Repeat after each Part Number is completely detailed with this information

10 Creating a New Shipment:
Setting up pick-up and/or delivery Alerts: Enter your , cell phone text address or fax number into this field to receive automated alerts

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