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Communism at Home Unit 4 Lesson 10.

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1 Communism at Home Unit 4 Lesson 10

2 Objectives Describe government efforts to investigate the loyalty of US citizens. Explain the spy cases of Alger Hiss and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Identify Senator Joseph McCarthy and explain his role in the anticommunist crusade.

3 Warm Up Identify US policy to combat communism abroad and give an example of the policy in action. Containment – Truman Doctrine (Greece/Turkey), Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift, NATO

4 Review Cold War Weapons Struggle between US & USSR
Political, Economic, Military, Civil Rights Weapons Unconventional “Warfare” Propaganda, Diplomacy, Science, Finance, Espionage, Subversion

5 Communism in the US Depression WW2 Cold War
Failed econ system = growth in communist party WW2 Econ fix = #’s decline Cold War Fear Communist expansion and subversion

6 Second Red Scare March 1947 Federal Employee Loyalty Program Smith Act
Loyalty Review Board Smith Act Clear and Present Danger, can’t be taught McCarren Act Registration w/Dept Justice

7 House Un-American Activities Committee
May 1938 Investigate disloyalty, labor unrest, pre-WW2 1947 Investigates Communist influence in Hollywood Hollywood Ten Hollywood Blacklists See “The Majestic”

8 Spy Cases: Alger Hiss Whittaker Chambers accuses Hiss of spying for USSR in 30’s Guilty of perjury (lied about documents) not espionage... 4 yrs in jail 1990’s Soviet info proves?

9 Spy Cases: The Rosenberg’s
1950 Ethel and Julius accused of supplying USSR with A-Bomb secrets Plead 5th…Jewish, radical witch hunt July 19, st citizens executed for espionage

10 Other Cool Spy Stuff WHY SPY? TOOLS:
Gather info, destabilize govts, assassinations TOOLS: Surveillance satellites, planes Silencers, invisible ink, bugs, wires False cigs, poison-tip umbrella, suicide weapons

11 Modern Day Espionage 1994 Aldrich Ames 2001 Robert Hanssen

12 Joseph McCarthy (R Senator Wis)
Re-election tactic: Communists taking over US government! Feb 1950 “List” Communists in State Dept! 1954 – US Army Ike investigates TV Senate Hearings expose/discredit “Witchhunt” Dies alcoholism 57

13 Impact of McCarthyism Fear and suspicion End free-speech
Loyalty investigations and oaths Deportations Weakened labor unions Ended careers Public Asst ($) Withheld

14 Activity Herbert Block Political Cartoons
Coined “McCarthyism” March 29,1950 Critical cartoons 4 yrs

15 “Fire!”

16 “Stand Fast…They’re Armed!”

17 “Secret”

18 “You Read, Eh?”

19 “Freedom- From-Fear”

20 “Hunting Communists”

21 “Evidence”

22 “In My Hand”

23 Closure What role do you think Herbert Block played in discrediting Joseph McCarthy and bringing an end to McCarthyism? Was Joseph McCarthy on to something? “Red Scare Revisited”

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