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2 HF & VHF Transceivers, Antennas and Data Systems
Q-MAC Electronics HF & VHF Transceivers, Antennas and Data Systems

3 About Q-MAC Specialist in Tactical Communications
Established 1994 in Perth Australia Privately Owned ISO9001:2000 Quality System Exports to 107 Countries International Dealer and Support Network In-house Research, Design and Marketing

4 Our Customers Military and paramilitary Police Forces
United Nations and other aid/relief agencies Mining and Drilling contractors Forestry organisations Emergencies service (natural disaster organisations) Telecommunications authorities Road/bridge/pipeline construction organisations Environmental, conservation & wildlife authorities Fisheries

5 Governmental/Military/Policing Customers
We are not publish list with names of the customer in open resources if you interesting to get references please contact as

6 HF-90M HF Radio Multi-role HF transceiver Optional Frequency Hopping
Lightweight (1kg) Lightest in the world! 50W Peak power Selective Calling Data capable Simple to use Simple to service Low cost 3 Year International Warranty

7 HF-90M Military Packages
Manpack Mobile Package Base Station

8 HF-90M Manpack Communicate whilst on foot (“Walk & Talk”)
Rugged Mil-Std Construction Automatic tuner with collapsible 6-section whip, long wire and tape whip antenna Military-grade framed backpack with accessory pockets Accessories as required (chargers, antennae systems)

9 HF-90M Mobile Package Compact, robust, easy to install mobile (“Drive & Talk”) system 2-piece auto-tune antenna system (ready for shock mount) Easily converted to Manpack or Portable packages Quick Release Mechanism or Separate Cradle Mount

10 HF-90M 150 Watt Military SSB Heavy Duty Tracked Vehicle System
Comprising: HF-90M Radio 150w amplifier and auto tuner 3.6m NATO-style whip Bespoke vehicle fits Anti-Vibration mounts Combat Intercom integration

11 HF-90M 500 Watt High Power Base Station
Modular system with 19” Equipment Rack, pedestal microphone & high quality speakers Uses standard HF-90M with 500W Power Amplifier 500W Broadband Antenna System AC power supply system Supports Frequency Hopping & Data

12 HF-90M NVIS Roof Rack Antenna

13 NVIS Antenna Revolutionary High Gain Auto-Tuning NVIS Antenna System
14dB better than whip style antenna systems Continuous HF coverage from 0-1,000km (No Skip Zones) Easily relocated to alternate vehicle Removable or Fixed Installation Fixed or Removable Installation Folds down when not in use High Quality Signal – Limits Adjacent Channel Noise Rejects Vehicle Ignition Noise Omni Directional Propagation

14 Q-MAC Frequency Hopping
Secure communications for Military & Paramilitary Aid / Relief Organisations Advantages of Frequency Hopping: Protection against detection Protection against jamming Protection against interception High quality voice

15 Frequency Hopping Features
Simple Operation Difficult to Intercept or Jam Adaptive Smart Hopping on Simple Programming of “HOP” Code Multiple Hopping Networks > 10 concurrent hopping networks on same reference frequency separated by Security Code Field Upgradeable – Chip Replacement Only Use of SSB Voice Increased Security (No output during speech syllables)

16 How Hopping Works All radios in net must have same key code which can be changed when required Master sends sync burst periodically on sync channels Slaves poll round sync channels until synchronisation acquired Once synchronised all stations change frequency together at hop rate of 5 hops per second for HF and 100 hops per second for VHF


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