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-PROTECT- Protect your $ Investment.

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1 -PROTECT- Protect your $1000.00 + Investment.
Surround your radio with 90 thousandths of rugged aluminum with a tough powder coat finish.

2 -PACKAGE- Package your radio complete with Microphone and power cord.
No dangling or left behind accessories!

3 -DEPLOY- Protected, Packaged, and ready to be Deployed.
The Tactical Radio Carrier can be set up anywhere a portable radio is required.

4 -STACKABLE- Multiple Carriers easily stack without any tools or additional hardware. The rubber feet of the top unit mates with holes in the lower unit. 2 TRC-1 Carriers stacked

5 2 TRC-1 Carriers stacked

6 -VERSATILE- Sides fully collapsed
With the sides collapsed it accommodates a single radio. Sides fully collapsed

7 -VERSATILE- Sides fully extended
With the sides extended it can accommodate several radios or a radio with accessories. Sides fully extended

8 Accomdates most mobile radios
4.8 x 7.5 x 10.5 HWD 4.8 Inches Extended 10.5 Inches Deep 2.6 Inches Collapsed Full 7.5 Inches Internal

9 -VERSATILE- Sides fully collaspsed Fold-down bail/stand.
Slots allow alignment of radio mounting brackets without the need to drill holes. Slots accept Web Straps to secure equipment. Convenient carrying handle. Sides fully collaspsed Ventilation slots. Rubber feet align with holes for secure stacking. (Bottom View)

Use the supplied hardware to bolt the radio’s “U” bracket to the Tactical Carrier. OR Use the optional web straps to strap the unit into the Tactical Carrier.

The OPTIONAL steel top cover provides additional protection. The steel cover allows speakers and other accessories with magnetic bases to be easily attached.

12 -2 Carriers with 1 Cover- Top covers can be used on each Carrier or only on the Top Carrier to “finish off the stack.”

13 TRC-1 Carrier $59.95 TCP-1 Cover Plate -$14.95

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