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Codan 2110M Manpack January 2007.

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1 Codan 2110M Manpack January 2007

2 Codan Core Product Lines
HF Radio Satellite BUC’s and Transceivers Terrestrial Microwave Links Above: NGT 2110 Transceiver, Satellite Transceiver & Links ODU

3 Codan HF Products Sold in over 150 countries
Robust and reliable in extreme environments 3 year international warranty No Risk (!) Quality with advanced features Superior customer support – 24/7 Highly skilled technical service team Factory and on-site training Solutions development and implementation Trouble shooting

4 Codan HF Leadership Interoperable with all major HF radio brands worldwide Largest worldwide supplier of complete HF radio solutions to extreme environments Over 47 years of experience in designing high frequency radio products to suit customer needs

5 Codan 2110M Manpack Transceiver

6 A True Manpack Purpose Built Light Weight
High end performance at commercial price Designed for on the move communications and quick deployment Light Weight Less than 2.4 kg (5.5 lbs) for the transceiver 7.4 kg (16 lbs) for complete patrol package including backpack

7 A True Manpack Waterproof Long Mission Time
Both transceiver and battery are completely waterproof Immersion to 1 m of water Long Mission Time 50 hours operation on a single charge

8 A True Manpack Portable Antenna Solutions Battery and Chargers
Various length whip antenna options Various tactical long-wire, broadband and tuned dipole antenna options Battery and Chargers 13 Ah Nickel Metal Hydride Universal low noise AC and DC chargers Handcrank and solar panel charging options

9 A True Manpack Professional Backpacks
Light weight and ergonomic backpack available Compatible with renowned US M.O.L.L.E. style pack Different colors available on request

10 Excellent Radio Performance
Clearer Communication High power output 25 W over full frequency range Software selectable 25/5 W High receiver sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range Advanced DSP noise reduction system, EasitalkTM Better performance under extreme conditions Low current consumption <120 mA while in standby Reduce spare battery requirements Lighten the Load !

11 Excellent Radio Performance
Secure Communications Integrated Voice Encryptor Inbuilt voice encryption technology 128-bit digital encryption with user programmable keys Independent of Frequency Hopping Can be used in conjunction with Frequency Hopping High quality audio recovery Synchronisation independent, no late entry problems

12 Excellent Radio Performance
Secure Communications Fast Frequency Hopping 6/12/25 hops per second, user programmable Excellent recovered audio quality and intelligibility Hopping over full frequency range 128-bit digital encryption with user programmable keys ALE selective calling while hopping Scan multiple center frequencies while hopping Inbuilt Encryption Synchronisation Unit Covert “Radio Silent” network synchronisation and entry

13 Excellent Radio Features
Standards Compliance Option with JITC Certified MIL-STD B ALE Full FED-STD-1045A ALE including “CALM” Type approvals CE FCC and NTIA C-Tick UL Environmental MIL-STD-810F Compatible with all major commercial HF radio selective calling including Open (UN) Selcall standard

14 Excellent Radio Features
Inbuilt Automatic Antenna Tuner Lightning Fast Tuning 50 milliseconds from memory 2-3 second first tune Tunes virtually any antenna length over entire frequency range Fully protected outputs tuner and 50 ohm 50 ohm Output for Broadband antennas In vehicle use with world leading Codan 9350 & 9350M mobile antennas

15 Excellent Radio Features
Extensive expansion capabilities High Power Amplifier Military Modems up to bps Field Data Terminal External Voice Encryption VP116 KY99/100 (compatible) Codan 9350M Ruggedised Mobile Antenna Morse Key External Speaker Above: 3112 Military Modem, 2110M Manpack, 9350M Auto tune Antenna

16 Low Cost of Ownership Intelligent Battery Monitoring and Charging
Reduces battery costs Microcontroller built into Battery pack Overcharge protection extends battery life Battery status indication Time to empty Remaining cell capacity Long operation on a single charge, up to 50 hours

17 Low Cost of Ownership Easy to Use with Reduced Operator Training
Simple to use and configure Ergonomic front panel with large clear display and easy accessible buttons Fully backlit display and keys Innovative, user friendly interface, with direct single key access to common functions User customisable keys User and administrative level function access – limit operators to only what they need Smart Address Book with up to 200 names call locations and pre-programmed text messages

18 Low Cost of Ownership Configure and Test Software Upgradeable
Easy to use PC configuration software Extensive built-in self test capabilities Software Upgradeable Transceiver can be software upgraded for new features and capabilities

19 Specification Summary
Highly configurable Channel capacity 10-20 HF Networks Fast Scan rate, up to 8.3 channels per second Lightweight, rugged and waterproof Innovative user interface Excellent Performance and Features 25 or 5 W PEP RF Output 50 Hours on a single charge Intelligent Battery Monitoring and Charging High receiver sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range Built in MIL-STD or FED-STD ALE, GPS, Frequency Hopping and Voice Encryption Large range of accessories to suit any Mission

20 Accessories Left: World renowned 9350 & 9350M Automatic Tuning Whip
Above: Codan 3112 High Speed Data Modem (New product)

21 Accessories Below: Various Backpack Options (different colours available upon request) Above: Vehicle Mounting Solutions

22 Accessories Left: Various Broadband Antennas Above: Various Whips

23 Future Products – 3112 High Speed Data Modem
Features Robust Military waveforms MIL-STD A/B STANAG 4539 39 tone parallel 75 to 9600 bps uncompressed on-air data rates with error correction STANAG 5066 Stack available HFExpress Chat and File Transfer Interoperable with Rockwell Collins Q9600 series modems Compatible with 2110M

24 Future Products – NGT MR
A True Mobile Radio Smart innovative handset based user interface Frequency Hopping and voice encryption options Full 125W PEP output power Same Excellent Performance and features found in 2110M Manpack transceiver Designed for Vehicle and Base installation 500W and 1000W amplifier options Available Mid 2007

25 Future Products – 2110M High Power Amplifier
125W High Power Amplifier for 2110M Manpack Integrates with Vehicle Mounting Solutions for “Jerk and Run” operation Features 125 W PEP continuous output Fully protected i.e. open/short circuit output, over voltage etc 12V/24 V operation Single RF connection to 2110M Manpack Above: 2110M Manpack including 125W Amplifier (artist impression)

26 Questions ?

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