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Host Family Program Information Session September 11, 2009.

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1 Host Family Program Information Session September 11, 2009

2 Overview  Expectations and Do’s &Don’ts Being on Time Dress code Spending money Transportation Food restrictions/ allergies Maintaining contact/ ways of communication Pressure/ Hesitance Activities with Host Family

3 Being on Time  You and your Host Family have planned to meet in the parking lot at 2:00pm. What time do you arrive? 2:05pm 2:15pm 2:00pm None of the above, Host Family should call you when they are at the parking lot.

4 Be punctual  Arrive on time.  Call if you are running late.  Preplan what time to meet.  Do not assume, always make sure to confirm time and location. KEEP YOUR WORD

5 Dress Code  If your Host Family invites you to a Christmas party, what would you wear? Shorts and flip flops Dress pants and a nice shirt/ a nice dress or skirt Jeans and t-shirt Spiderman costume

6 Dress appropriately  Dress according to occasion Formal wear for parties and formal events. Casual wear for outings/ activities.  Dress according to season Light wear for summer. Warm clothing for winter.

7 Money  Your Host Family takes you out for dinner. Who pays for your meal? Host Family will pay for my meal because I am their guest. I will pay for my own meal. If my Host Family offers to pay for my meal, I will graciously accept. Choices 2 and 3 are correct.

8 You are expected to pay for yourself  It is expected that you pay for your own: meals tickets shopping movies, etc.

9 Transportation  My Host Family (True or False): Will drive me anywhere I want to go. Will occasionally take me out for grocery shopping. Will take me out for movies every Friday. Will drive me to an off-campus event, if I ask in advance. Will drive me in case of an emergency. False True

10 Do not depend on Host Family for transportation  If you need to be driven somewhere (e.g. doctors appointment or Secretary of State), ask in advance.  Don’t be afraid to plan an activity or ask if they can take you out for shopping on the weekend.  Realize that the Host Family may have prior time commitments.

11 Food  Your Host Family has invited you over for dinner. You do not recognize the ingredients in one particular dish: You eat the dish because it would not be appropriate to question the Host Family’s meal. You ask what ingredients are in the dish and then decide if you should eat it or not. You simply refuse to eat the dish because you don’t know what's in it.

12 When you are invited for dinner or lunch at the Host Family’s house:  Do not feel obligated to eat everything the Host Family offers you.  If you are unsure of the ingredients in a dish, feel free to ask them.  Let them know prior to the dinner/lunch of your dietary restrictions (example: Muslims don’t eat pork).  Inform the Host Family if you have any allergies (such as peanuts or shell fish).

13 Contact/Communication  Its Monday and your Host Family leaves you a message on your cell phone asking what activity you would like to do on Saturday. You do which of the following? You call them back in 3 days to tell them that you would like to go hiking on Saturday. You don’t call back, but wait for them to call you, assuming that they will probably select an activity themselves. You call /email them as soon as you have decided what you want to do on Saturday.

14 Communicate with your Host Family  Communicate with your Host Family at least twice a month.  Answer their calls or emails.  Let them know what's the best way to contact you (email vs. cell phone).  Ask them what's the best time and way to reach them (e.g. call after 7 p.m. or email anytime).

15 Smoking  Do not smoke in Host Family’s house. Please smoke outside.  Some Host Families will have pets. If you are allergic to cats or dogs, let them know.  If you feel uncomfortable around animals, let your Host Family know. Pets

16 Offer to Pay (Not a requirement)  Feel free to offer your Host Family to pay for gas.  Offer to pitch in when ordering pizza.  Offer to pay for your Host Family’s drinks, appetizer or dessert.  Feel free to take them out for dinner or a movie.  Offer to cook a traditional dish for them.

17 Ask  Feel free to ask your Host Family questions, if you are unsure about anything. For example: Where you can shop for clothes. Where you can purchase food. Where the bank is. Where the Secretary of State and Social Security offices are. Be Polite and Courteous  Always remember to thank your Host Family.  Answer their questions politely.  Keep a positive approach.

18 Do not hesitate or feel pressured  If you are uncomfortable with an activity, feel free to say NO.  If you don’t want to eat something, do not hesitate to say NO. Do not feel pressured to act a certain way. Be yourself and have a good time!

19 What activities would you like to do with your Host Family?

20 Thank you for joining the Host Family Program

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