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Interview Skills Presented by: Lucia V. Cook Catch the Fever March 2014.

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1 Interview Skills Presented by: Lucia V. Cook Catch the Fever March 2014

2 Interview Skills O Purpose O Interviewer and candidate to determine if there is a correct fit between them. O First impressions are key for both parties involved – first impressions last, so make it count.

3 Interview Skills O 3 Step Process O Before the Interview O During the Interview O After the Interview

4 Pre-Interview O Know Yourself O What are my strengths? O What am I good at doing? O Do your homework O What do I know about this company? O Be prepared for questions O You will be asked questions on your strengths O You should be ready to ask questions about the job/company

5 Pre-Interview O What to Bring O Notepad & Pen O Resume O What Not to Bring O Friends, family members or children O Cell phones- if you have them, turn them OFF. O Ipods or any other electrical devices O Food / Drinks O Anything Distracting

6 Dress for Success You never get a second chance to make a first- impression O Hair should be clean and combed. O Fingernails must be clean with no gaudy polish. O Keep perfume, cologne and aftershave to a minimum. Brush your teeth and don’t forget deodorant. O Women: dress, skirt (not too short), or dress pants with a nice blouse or blazer. No excessive jewelry, make-up, or ungroomed hair. O Men: pants (not jeans!), collared shirt, tie, sport coat and shoes. A suit is not always necessary.

7 The Interview O Shake hands firmly with the interviewer. A firm hand shake is important and OFTEN mishandled. O While shaking hands, make good eye contact, smile and greet the person with “Pleased to meet you, I am…” O Be polite; use the formal address of Mr., Ms., unless invited to do otherwise.

8 The Interview O Body Language O Stand Tall O Sit straight and tall and look attentive and enthusiastic O Listen attentively but avoid staring at the interviewer O Place all material you brought with on the floor beside you with the exception of a note pad O Nod when appropriate to demonstrate interest and evidence that you are paying attention O Remain calm; Don’t fidget O Be careful not to speak too quickly O Respond to questions appropriately O Be warm and conversational, but don’t ramble

9 The Interview O Be honest with all answers. O Be thorough with your answers. O Never answer with just a “yes” or “no.” Always provide explanations and examples. O If you don’t understand the question, ask the interviewer to explain. O Organize your thoughts before speaking. O Feel free to think for a moment about tough questions. Silence is not a bad thing as long as you do not take an excessive amount of time.

10 The Interview O Ask the job-related questions you prepared for the interview. O If you are told you will be contacted, ask about how long it will be. O Offer to call in a few days to find out the decision. This shows your continued interest. O Make sure the interviewer knows how best to contact you. O Phone number, e-mail address, physical address O Thank the person for the interview. Shake hands firmly on the way out.

11 Common Interview Type O Behavioral Interview O Systematic process that ensures a fair selection process O Use candidate’s previous behavior as an indicator of future performance O May involve standardized assessment instruments, such as personality, aptitude and interest inventories O Involves directive and probing questions

12 Common Interview Type O Sample Questions O Describe a time when two of the members of your team did not work well together? What did you do to get them to work together? O What is the most difficult decision you’ve had to make? How did you arrive at your decision? What was the result? O Answers should follow C A R format O C – Context O A – Action O R – Result

13 Post Interview O Thank you Notes O Can be a typed or hand written letter or note. An e-mail is also acceptable. Customize the note. O Free of spelling or grammar errors. O Should be completed within 2-3 days of the interview. O Highlight key points you want to reiterate or forgot to say, information you learned about the company, express enthusiasm about the opportunity.

14 Summary O Be prepared O Know your stuff O Dress for Success O Body Language is Key O Follow – Up O These tips help you Stand Out!

15 ??? QUESTIONS ???

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