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So, I got a job… What Now!? Office of Career Services 124 Sand Spring Hall x4403.

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1 So, I got a job… What Now!? Office of Career Services 124 Sand Spring Hall x4403

2 Getting Ready to Go to Work The Dress –Ask for company policy manual, dress accordingly –Create a list of clothing you may need to pick up before starting –Keep an eye out for sales at Dept. Stores Remember, nice clothing can be found at Goodwill –Be modest, but professional *In case of emergencies, consider keeping a lint roller, deodorant, cologne, stockings/socks at your desk

3 Getting Read to Go to Work Cont… The Commute –Think about carpooling, buses, or metro to help stay green! –Drive it a couple times before your first day of work –Learn where traffic back ups occur, plan accordingly. Don’t be late! “If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late”

4 Office Etiquette Make sure to keep office communication appropriate –Always keep in mind that the person beside you could be the boss’ wife or child… –Emails within the company should remain formal Keep your cell phone on silent, leave it in the car

5 Office Etiquette Continued… If using company phone for personal calls, be sure to keep a log Limit your smoke breaks to twice a day Make sure to understand how the timeclock or hour tracking works Read your policy manual! Know the rules

6 Office Etiquette Continued… Be considerate of those around you! –Speak quietly and politely –If allowed to listen to music, don’t sing along –Don’t hang out at colleagues desks –Keep appointments punctual

7 Computer Usage Use computer in accordance with company policies –Leave all personal sites to home computer –Only check company email –Don’t install programs onto the computer without help desk permission

8 What Employers Offer You Healthcare Packages Retirement Packages –401 (k), IRA, Roth IRA. Which is best for you? Paid Time Off (PTO), Sick leave Flex time/schedules Are weekends or night hours required?

9 Budgeting Itemize your bills –Keep a listing, organize by dates due and amount Record fuel usage, adjust driving accordingly Pack a lunch instead of buying lunch Set aside money for special vacations, birthdays, or holiday gifts Job security changes, so don’t make any large unnecessary purchases immediately after hiring

10 Other various tips Make sure to pay attention during training. Ask about possible social hours outside of company time If issued a company credit card, be responsible with it

11 In Closing…. Its important to remain professional in everything you do… If you ever need any job help, Career Services is still here for Alumni! Good Luck!

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